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Metals crypto fiat in that order. Hope all is well for you and your family;)

I'm the same, despite being a bit of a crypto novice.

All good here, businesses closed though, quarantine etc. same as the rest of the world. I'm fairly prepped though, should be fine I think...Working from home. We'll see though as the further down the track we go the more strict the counter-measures will get...That will force financial stress without a doubt.

I hope you're all good. Stay vigilant, and in contact with your people.

Glad to hear you are well and prepared.

Things are locked down here as well. But farm life hasn’t changed much.

I had high hopes of 2020 kicking ass as the last 18 months have been difficult as my mother in law had cancer...So far it's kicking everyone's ass though...Looks like it might be a write off.

Being on a farm right about now sounds like a very good idea!

Be well brother, stay safe.

A bit of everything is the best way to go! Keep it mostly in Fiat for day-to-day expenses, have some Crypto for the long-term, and a bit of Metal just for that steady holding 🙂

Good plan, and one I'm all over...Still, a bit more of everything would be nice.