Unable to Sell or Loan Players – Why is This?

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t’s always great knowing that this site is useful for you guys. Usually this is inferred from the amount of people reading my content, but today I received an email from a reader who asked a question.

‘I have started a career mode and I have purchased some players but I can’t sell or loan out players. When I got to my players selection list I can block transfer requests and negotiate contract but add to the transfer list or loan out is not an option.’

For clarification, this is when the ‘Add to Transfer List’ and ‘Add to Loan List’ options can’t be selected in the squad hub on a particular player. We’ve discussed issues with selling and loaning players out previously but this is a different problem altogether.

Thank you Joeri for your comments about the site and your question. I wish more people did this! Let’s get down to it.

First of all I should say this isn’t a bug, more of an imperfect feature. In FIFA 18 career mode, you’re unable to sell or loan players for the first year. You won’t even be able to add them to the transfer or loan list ahead of the transfer window when you can actually sell them.

This isn’t such a big deal with transfers as it’s unlikely you’ll want to buy a player and instantly sell him. Although if it were possible I can imagine lots of players gaming the system. Sign a highly rated player on a pre-contract agreement and sell him instantly, profit.

It does get quite frustrating with loans though. Quite often you’ll sign a promising young player but want to loan him out as he won’t get many matches at your club straight away. This ‘feature’ stops you doing that, you can’t even loan the player out after six months.

My advice, as with a lot of things on career mode is to plan ahead. Don’t sign lots of youngsters all at once as you won’t be able to loan them out. This cases what I call squad bloat and can really frustrate you. If you are stuck with a player you were hoping to loan out, use the time to train them, maybe play them occasionally if you can.

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