Rehearsing for a Poetry Reading to Overcome Stage Fright (Video)

in esteem •  9 months ago

As I've mentioned before on Steemit, public speaking still does not come easily to me, despite nearly a decade of experience—participating in International, literary festivals throughout the USA, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

One thing I've found that helps with my anxiety, as well as my performance, is practice, practice, practice. I will not say that reading my poetry to a room of strangers ever feels natural, but it calms my nerve somewhat knowing my material, inside out.

Below, is a home video (courtesy of my patient, indulgent wife, @dianarpo) where I am rehearsing at home for an event in a bookstore.

thick line.png
If you enjoy the aphorisms I read, you can find them in my new book, Where Epics Fail, now, available from my publisher


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I'm becoming familiar with your work and have read/heard many of these before. Some are becoming like old friends. :)

I agree that practice will give you confidence in your speaking skills.

I find the nature of aphorisms is that there is a lot of power packed into a small package. It takes a certain amount of time to comprehend and internalize each one. I wonder if there is a sweet spot in the amount of silent time between them. I suppose it depends somewhat on the venue the performance occurs at.

Starting off with the one about aphorisms respecting the wisdom of silence sets up the listener to expect some silence and therefore won't feel it as an awkward silence. I think it is brilliant to lead with that one. :)


All very good to hear, dear Kenny, and will keep in mind your advice about pausing longer between the aphorisms (to let the reader digest them...)

Pls. forgive hurried response; busy day.

These are very nice, I like the one about poetry keeping its secrets, but they are all good. They are a good option for the Twitter attention span. :-)


Glad you enjoyed them :) It seemed anachronistic when I began writing them (around 25 years ago), but aphorisms make more cultural sense, now 🤓

From my youtube channel

I like how you described an aphorism. Public speaking is always a challenged until you learn to make friend with your audience and assume they are speaking with them and not to them. And old acting trick:):):)

Loved the one about success:)


Thank you, Pryde, still working on mastering that old trick... Will try to keep it in mind, for the next time... Glad you found something to enjoy, here :)

Wow what a rehearsal! Very nice , i enjoyed. Really it's very important to everywhere like in drama, poetry, lectures and every important part of our life like this.

Cheers! 👏

I think it's not a matter of stage fright, but you give technique on how to overcome stage fright. :)

Thanks for sharing best friend!

great video..

wow! that is amazing.

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