World Cup 2018 - Fallen Giants

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This years World Cup is surely a very interesting event indeed. Firstly, big teams that has been in this tournament for the past few decades such as Italy and the Netherlands never made it to this year's final in Russia. Then, one by one, teams that supposed to be the favorite to win it has FALLEN and knocked out of the competition. Barring Germany which has been knocked out in the group stage, now Spain (Winner in 2010), Portugal (Euro Champion 2016) and even Argentina has failed in the Last Sixteen Stage.


I won't be surprised if more giants or favorite teams to fall further in the Last Sixteen Stage, such as Brazil, Belgium or England. Luckily, France did manage to get through after beating Argentina 4 - 3. After being knocked out of the tournament, it also means the end of the road for the two most popular figure who has dominated the world of football, which is Lionel Messi of Argentina and Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Even so, the tournament won't be missing them as new stars are being unfolded as the tournament goes on, and one of the rising stars is Kylian Mbappe of France.
Another thing that I noticed during this Last Sixteen matches are the goals that has been scored by players who came from the French Football Club, Paris Saint Germain (PSG). Kylian Mbappe (2 Goals), Angel Di Maria (1 Goal) and Edinson Cavani (2 Goals). I'm not sure if Neymar would be able to score against Mexico though, if he don't and Brazil loses to Mexico, he will surely get a banter from his PSG mates.
While writing this post, I am watching the match between Brazil and Mexico (25th Minute), and it seems like Mexico is the better team at the moment. But it is still too early to say who will win it, and I have a feeling that Neymar might just nick a goal or two this time.
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C’est vrai que les joueurs du PSG se distinguent. Il y en aura peut-être un qui sera champion du monde 🌍. A suivre.


Yes, Mbappe and Cavani doing great. Hopefully Neymar will do well too.


Neymar est l’un des meilleurs joueurs de la planète 🌍. Il suffit qu’il marque 3 buts en finale et tout le monde se prosternera à ses pieds 😂

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