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No one, they've been drilled too much already..

Myself. I'm kind of a big deal around here and a lot of people have suggested I should go fuck myself so maybe it's time I tried it out.


Who knows, maybe you'll like it?

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I can't seem to figure out where my thumb goes.

I'm pretty hot for this sexy old politician... I think his name is Bernie Sanders.

Haha, all in fun.


Oh, beat me to it.


lol Had to vote this one up!


That's what I was going to I have to think of something else.

My Hero! Silvester Stalone. No man is like him. Hot, sexy and strong :p


You mean, he WAS....




Well age! But I will still sleep with him :P I love all his movies and wait for any new movie of him. He is just an amazing actor and cant be replaced :)

I was thinking about to say YOU 😂 but @whatsup had already done it. So, another pick would be my childhood crush, Emma Watson 😂😂

I'd sleep with myself... Oh wait.. I already sleep alone with myself.. FML.

I didn't know who Emma Watson (I think she has the most votes here) is I had to look her up, and yes it must be I am lazy because I did partially see the Harry Potter movies. I still think I would go for Lady Gaga.

I wasn't sure at first, but I'd go with Mila Kunis, because I remembered Kelso explaining how he puts up with her by blocking out her voice and inserting music and that's when I realized she's really only hot when she doesn't speak.

In reality there's too many hot celebrities that I'd like to bone. Then the conspiracy theorists try to say they're really men and that's a scary thought.


Why am I not surprised you would say that?

channing tatum. I am not gay but my wife would be so jealous if I got a few zzzz's with him :D

Nena. I do not see a reason to change my tastes just because we are ageing.

I always liked Eliza Dushku, but it's really hard to say anything but Scarlett Johansson.

I can't even think of anyone.

Myself..   XD

Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. Alexandra Daddario would be my third choice.

Alexandra Daddario!
She's just perfect

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson

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Sunny Leone.

I CAN sleep with anyone I want. One only needs to focus the power of manifestation. The Law of Attraction is alive and well.

SInce there's not really any celebrities out there with real depth and worth my energy I will just masterbate.

Keepin' the Steem up!

There are many females. I don't want to reveal their names.

There are many females. I don't want to reveal their names.

Haha is a very serious question I can not answer

If I get a chance to sleep with a celebrity umm I will definitely choose Emma Watson as I love her more than anything in this world and she's my favourite actress too from her harry potter days so Emma Watson is my choice or secondly Natalie portman.

monica bellucci even at that age :p

Anything cooked by Gordon Ramsey

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Ah, do I really have to sleep?

Justin bieber

tonight Anne Hathaway

michael jackson

Brie Larsen but mostly cause I want to say I've banged Captain Marvel.

Selena Gomez 🎆

In bed? I'd prefer hammock.

With Charlotte Hope


The Pope

Definitely selena Gomez

I can't but I want to sleep with Bollywood actress sharadda Kapoor.

Bill Clinton..

The Greenlandian says Kylie jenner!

Madhuri Dixit

Gal gadot - Wonder woman

Those chicks...ahem...I mean both versions of the woman with the three boobs from total recall.

Berniesanders 😊😊

Not saying sleep with. But it would be cool to just chill with Vera Farmiga for an afternoon.

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I would like to sleep with Deepika padukone.

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Bernie Sanders ,of course.

Jessica Alba from Dark Angel...

Bill Clinton

I would pick narcoleptic Nastassja Kinski

You never know when you need a good nights rest hehehe