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in education •  9 months ago
Hello my dear friends in Steemit. Its been a while since my last post. Last week I went to my school camping for two days one night. This is my first time going to camping and leaving my comfort zone. I was excited and at the same time nervous. Before going to the camp, I informed my parents that the school required them to sign a permission letter and that the school don’t allowed student to use their handphones.

The school provide a list of things that we need to bring during the camping like towels, sleeping bags, water pail, tooth brush, a cup, sport shoes etc. I and my cousin, Ciarra, who is also going for the camp, was so excited. She even told her mom that its feel like going to college…and her mom just laughed at her. A day before the camp, we went to shop for some snacks and drinks.

On the day of the camp, my parents sent us to school at 4.00 PM. The camp started with briefing to students on the activities and sleeping arrangement. The girls were allocated to sleep at the school hall and boys at the classrooms. In the evening, we were brief by the school Principal the camp’s objective and purpose, followed by teachers giving talks on their own respective topics.

The next morning, we woke up early and washed up. After that, we pack our sleeping bags and cleared the rubbish around the hall. After some talks from 8.30 AM to 1.00 PM. Then, at about 2.00 PM, the programmes end and we were allowed to go home.

This camping bring me close and get to know more friends at my school. We shared stories, funny jokes and create amazing memories that we will hold onto forever. Not only do I have a strong friendship with the girls and boys in my school, but I also do with the teachers. There was no fighting, jealousy or cliques during the camp and if you ever feel down or sad, or not satisfied about something, the girls/boys or teachers will comfort or talk to you in the nicest ways. I had so much fun and will never forget this exciting camp. The bonds that we formed throughout the camp will surely help me and Ciarra during our school years and it will lasts forever.

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This sounds like a very good experience for you and also for your cousin. I'm glad that everyone was nice and behaved well. It's nice to make memories to last a lifetime! :)


Thanks @kenny-crane its a good experience.. being away from my parents and home. My mum said I need to learn to be independent.