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Hey SteemSquad and DTubeNation!

Hey There!

Here is myyyyyy entry into Comedy Open Mic Round #14

If you want to be the best comedian in the world, LIKE ME! Join @comedyopenmic and enter into their weekly prizes.

See you there and let’s rofl together!

I nominate @the-beard and @paolajane

Have a lovely day and hope you join me on this epic journey #GoSteem

My Steemit Profile -

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Join the DTube discord:


My Future Visits Me Again! (Part 2)!/v/kevinli/izsxp0gc

My Future Visits Me Again! (Part 1)!/v/kevinli/ce05774g

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Try Not To Laugh Challenge!/v/kevinli/rb1hwgf7

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i'm looking for an almost 30 year old comedic son, let your dad know there's competition


come put in your adoption application (by invitation only) in our COM Discord adoption channel:

pss....seriously, why haven't i seen you in discord....come by and say hello in the insane asylum

...dang...wrongbutton! sorry...steemit confused me


Cause I'm Fake :O


fake sons are fine..... unless suddenly you become a real daughter.... that would just confuse me

come on over!

We're glad your dad replied


I'm glad you exist

lol The cheery "Wow he replied" was good.


haha cheers bud

You are hilariously adorable! Loved this comedy open mic promo, and the dtube vid even loaded with ease! 🖤

Ps: A fellow Melbournian here, I don’t think I’ve seen you lurking on the TA servers. :


I may lurk but even say a word haha

Nice one brotherhood! hahahahahahahahha

Winny out...for now ;)


Thanks matey!

This reminds me of 90s infomercial :D :D Great vid bud


Thanks, man! Have a good one!

hey kevinli! it's great to see you on #comedyopenmic!
i'm planning to post here too!


Awesome, dude! Hope you been well, hitman


i've been alright. awesome video btw! i don't think i'll ever be able to do something like that.

Very nice videos you have and you are really funny, I like positive people. Tell me please I want to interview you, can we do it like I did with @tanbay and @myndnow and @tibfox and others ? We did that in google hangout and then we post the video here to dtube. ☺


I'll say sure, but no guarantees. Australian time is wacky haha


I did that with people from US, when they had morning I had night, just tell me when you will be free ( day and time and let's do it ), you can contact me in our new discord channel : DCooperation server.

Now I can't stop thinking about ROFLing some feathers. Good job.


ROFL no worries. Happy Rofling

Komedy is very cool.
Thank you for sharing your laughter at #comedyopenmic


Thank ya!



Glad you enjoyed it, mateeee

Hahaa dudeee yer too adorable 🤣🤣🤣❤️


Thanks, pocket rocket

Please tell me how to join comedyopenmic, do we need only to use their tag ? or we need to join there discord channel or something ?


There's a set of rules. You need to go on there recent posts to see it

haha you make me smile thanks😂

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