Dtube Travel: The Stories I Plan To Bring Back Home/I Ran Across A Highway Today/Coffee Shop Vibes | Vlog 020

in dtubedaily •  11 months ago

What's up dtube, my name is Harshil Patel and today is story time.

This is the story of how I traveled 90 minutes to work at this coffee shop to only realize the shop was closed today. LOL. But what makes this story special is the moments between me leaving my hostel to the point when I realized the coffeeshop was closed.

As I walked back in sadness, the stories of running on the highway, talking to locals, made this really fun.

Thank you all for the love with my last video.

Seriously. thank you! I'm heading into a coffeeshop to script my next video. Cooking up something good :)

Final thoughts:

Grateful :)

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rica historia,,

You are right living life is like creating your own personal book


hey supremegold22, thank you so much :)


Hello brother. Good job a video so interesting.


Thank you. glad you liked it!!

Interesting storytelling method, just checked out some of your other stuff. You are bookmarked now for my travel stuff! :D


hey! amazing and glad you liked my content :) Means a lot

Amazing & nice to read goodluck to you!


:) thank you so much :)

great going I enjoy your vlog
keep uploadig


THanks man :)