DTube Daily Tutorial - Life Skill - How To Quickly Build Deep and Genuine Rapport

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Greetings Steem Stars

Today, I want to share a really simple and important life skill. How to build genuine rapport with somebody.

This is great in any interpersonal situation - dating, business, connecting and re-connecting or even just chatting with anyone you meet.

It's not just a series of cheap NLP tricks.

This is only if you are genuinely interested in connecting at a deep level and are genuinely interested in understanding the other person.

I also include a very simple way that you can practice this with a friend.

This is super simple, but why over complicate anything?

Here's to fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

Sam x

Are you looking for increased health, wealth and freedom in your life? I am available to support free thinkers and entrepreneurs to break free from their limiting beliefs and create a life they love.

You can contact me either on Discord eftnow#4591 or via my website - https://eftnow.co.uk/

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