The Look Forward To 2019 Show, supported by DSound - Thursday 3 January 2019 [recording]

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The Look Forward To 2019 Show was broadcast on MSP Waves on Thursday 3 January 2019.

A dozen great steemians came on this one-off show to look forward to their year ahead on steem.

The guests in order of appearance were witness and @dsound developer @prc, UK drum and bass musician @nickyhavey, and @dreemsteem from the Spunkee Monkee project.

Then we had @jonyoudyer, @fracasgrimm and Dan @qwoyn from Canna-Curate, GHRO and HashKings.

Husband and wife entertainers, show hosts and Steem Monsters lore keepers @carrieallen and @chrisroberts were next on.

@futuremind and @horpey talked about the Decentralized Football Academy @dfacademy, along with Matt @starkerz of @oracle-d and @agfacademy.

@jpphotography finished up the show telling us about the TravelFeed DApp he is developing.

I also ran a couple of contests on the show. 5 steem was won by @katrina-ariel for guessing the brand of chocolate I was eating, and 5 steem was won by @azizbd for guessing the date of my first solo show on MSP Waves.

My DSound Picks of the Week

Mingled in with the discussion I played a number of my top picks from DSound including...

This recording is also available on YouTube

This show is supported by DSound

[just click on the image to the right to vote for the @dsound witness via SteemConnect]

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Thank you for having myself and @horpey on the show on behalf of @dfacademy! It was a pleasure being there :)


It was great to have you both on the show.

Thank you @pennsif for giving @travelfeed the opportunity to be on the show. Thank you Julian for waking up in the middle of the night to talk about the dApp.


It was great to learn about TravelFeed.

Thank you so much for having me on the show! I appreciate it and being in the company of some big names on the platform was humbling! Will catch up on the rest of the show over the weekend 🙂

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Thank you for coming along Nicky.

Thank you for featuring @dfacademy in your show. It was a great show, we are thrilled for the opportunity!

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