YouTube WHALES Joining DTUBE!!

in dtube •  last year

What do you think about this? How do you think DTube will grow in the next year? Let me know in the comments!

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This is an excellent video, concise, correct and insightful. !


Thanks! Appreciate it :)


HEy @extrospect you amazinf boi, Want to know more about DTube? Check out my post


You right mr @extrospect

Excellent video .

I liki it

I am follow you @extrospect

Like others, I saw this as a good counter platform to Youtube. With Dlive, Dtube, Dsound and I'm sure there are other sites I haven't found out about yet. All of them in the starting phase so they can grow with the community.


Absolutely! The more decentralization the better I say

I see DTube, as a counter platform from youtube. the number of migration of the youtuber to Dtube, due to increasingly difficult competition on youtube and increasingly complicated rules, this is one of the advantages of Dtube that provides convenience than youtube.


Definitely. I look forward to seeing how Dtube develops with more users.

For real! Their goin down!

Yeah I came because of the censorship in Germany! A good Youtuber was banned from Youtube there


Many people are getting turned away by YouTube, it is time for us to take back the platform for ourselves!

While I do think that some big Youtubers will come over to Dtube, I fear that there currently aren't enough features and too many bugs for them to make Dtube their primary platform.

The Amazing Atheist (@tjkirk) made a post a couple of days ago where he talked about some of the problems he's having with Dtube. Definitely worth a read.



My hope is, the more people come to use Dtube, the more updates will come from it. More users and more suggestions could help build a perfect platform from all sides

Yeah buddy


getting it gang

Dtude is for our entetain channel . We all hope that this will be further progress in the future #kendama-odyssey


Indeed we do! DTube to the top!

Once people discover they won’t use dtube because dtube takes a cut from users pay but dlive gives 100% back to content providers


You can only login to DLive using your private key, which is why I have not used it. I log into DTube with posting key, much safer.


You can access DLive using the STEEMConnect portal which is safe