To Shave or Not To Shave? (@ObesetoBeast & @LankyProgressTV)

in dsound •  6 months ago

Different folks different strokes! But it's a fun thing to hear opinions from both women and men. Do you like beards on men? Do you like beards on yourself? What do you think it adds or detracts? Listen to this episode to hear more about our opinions on this as well :) Thanks for the support everyone!
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This one got my attention haha. I love my beard, and so does my wife @freedomtowrite. I grow it first because I can. God set me apart as a man with the ability, so I do(not always haha but for 5 years now). Second, my wife loves it...and that really works out. Also, I am not in a mold. I don't fit what might be a societal norm of a successful business man. It often falls into the category of being able to be myself all the time...i can't just not have it for a day and then quickly get it back. And last, it helps with my brand. I am The Yeti. Be well my friend!


Damn 5 years with a beard! The longest I went was 9 months or so, yours is awesome man!

I love the way you rock your lifestyle, do what YOU want!

men and women should have equal rights