SEASON FINALE!! This is it kids! I show you how Occupy Portland EXPLODES from the inside out.

in documentary •  last year

It's been a long ride. Three years! But this culmination of events has led me directly to the heart of the beast.

WATCH as I face that beast head on in direct police action.

WATCH as I bed down in the sorrows of what Occupy has become.

WATCH as I explore the "Occupy culture".

WATCH as I spot the agent saboteurs and the police undercover infiltration.

WATCH as this is the very last episode kids. This is it.

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This is my best video work. I hope you have enjoyed. :)


bout to check it out, but i am excited already


Cool! I don't know if you've ever seen my stuff before. This is the very last episode. But it's the best. Enjoy!

What was your favorite part? Tell me!!!