Eating At Bliss Cafe

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Understandably, after the Bubblegum Alley @karensuestudios, @acromott and I ended up hungry, so we turned out to Yelp and Happycow to look for some awesome place for us to eat. It turns out we were right in front of the only opened vegan place in the area.

Tucked away from the vibrant energy of downtown San Luis Obispo, Bliss Cafe offers a creek-side retreat and a variety of high-quality plant-based and gluten-free dishes. Every meal features fresh, local and organic ingredients to nourish your mind, body & spirit. For an energizing treat, indulge in a nutrient-rich dessert or a glass of locally-brewed kombucha on tap. Bring a friend, bring a book, or just bring an appetite for Bliss.

Bliss Cafe has one of the best smoothie bowl I've ever had. They also have a nice buffet with salads and many other delicious dishes. I wish I would had order more smoothie bowls and skip the rest.

I really loved and I highly recommend Bliss Cafe!

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Nice ba-ba-ba bowl of smoothie :)

Thanks For Sharing!! Smoothies are Yummy! You've got a new follower!! Hey You got a minute? CLICK on this link, enter your e-mail, and then watch the video!!

@teamsteem hello how are you can you tell me where is Bliss Cafe. This place is looking cool

Es genial como existen lugares para nutrir mente-alma-cuerpo, eso es fantástico.
Yo vivo en Venezuela, y aunque existe la comida vegetariana, el porcentaje es mínimo respecto a la cantidad de restaurantes y locales donde venden comida rápida (no muy sana que digamos).
En este particular (aunque aun) no soy Vegetariano, agradezco a ustedes por compartir un rato de su tiempo con nosotros, compartir un poquito de su vida, de sus vivencias y hasta de sus aventuras, es realmente fascinante leerlos, aunque sea el post mas sencillo. Me encanta su manera (sencilla) de escribir, hacen muy amena la estancia por esta plataforma.
Cada día es una nueva oportunidad para comenzar y la mejor manera es nutrirse, aprender de las experiencias propias y ajenas, y poner en sintonia "mente, alma y cuerpo".
It's great how there are places to nurture mind-soul-body, that's fantastic.
I live in Venezuela, and although there is vegetarian food, the percentage is minimal compared to the number of restaurants and places where they sell fast food (not very healthy).
In this particular (although I am not yet a Vegetarian), I thank you for sharing a little bit of your time with us, sharing a little bit of your life, your experiences and even your adventures, it is really fascinating to read them, even if it is the simplest post. I love the (simple) way they write, they make your stay on this platform very enjoyable.
Every day is a new opportunity to begin and the best way is to nourish yourself, learn from your own and others' experiences, and tune into "mind, soul and body".

This post is really awsome...continue your good work and please follow me...💯 I will follow you back...👷...💲...This small step create a big community🚩 for you and for me...i think you understand...Thanks brother...👍

You have a experience about a Bills Cafe @teamsteem

Happy to see you guys enjoy the smoothie so much!

I love. Congratulations men, right process. There is still an extended way to head, I have seen the films of the cup and that I appear very thrilling and humorous.

Nice work

I wish I would had order more smoothie bowls and skip the rest.

Hmmm, more smoothie right, guess it won't just be for only you and it will be with @karensuestudios as well. 😂

Always love your posts mate!