Steem Business Cards!

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That's right! @karensuestudios made us some awesome business cards! And I love them so much! She used @skyleap's cartoon drawings as the cover. The back of the cards has the URL to our blog and QR code also linked to our blog.

MOO printed the cards. @karensuestudios made cards for herself, me and @acromott. Thank you Karen! That was well-thought-out! Oh and thank you for the awesome spiritual gangster longsleeves! I love it so much!

Thank you @skyleap! Check him out! He can draw your portrait too!

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50% of the profit of this post will go to @karensuestudios!

Thank @skyleap for this awesome gif!

My video is at DLive

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The face you make when you already know what is the surprise but showing you are still suprised, lol. Just kidding 😂🤣

By the way, great Steem business card and nice idea! 😁

That is awesome !! I figured I may make my own. I’m going through this program currently for those who are unemployed and today I got a chance to give out info about steemit to the manager . It’s great

Awwww that's cool & yes, cute :D hahah . I've designed my Steemit card with the QR code too but not with cartoon character. I put real me hahah :D Do you know already where and when the Steem Fest will be this year? I'd totally attend if no visa for Thai citizen needed.

that's fun, have you handed any out?


Yeah! And the reactions are nice! I also make sure to tell people these are limited edition. Only 50 will ever be done.

The 2nd version will be different. They might be worth something someday. Who knows?


Now that would be something! It's like a limited paper coin offering.

soo unique <3

Ookkaaaay getting that crypto!

Very unique cards, I like these cards

Wow, I am coming to affirm that the world is ruled my great thinkers. What a wonderful concept, this is just a brain at work.

Those are SO cool! Isn’t @karensuestudios the best?? Love her!


She is pretty darn awesome!


Yes she is!!

The cards have an incredible look. I love them

aww glad you liked them! :)

wow! wow! wow! That's coooooooooooooool!
Thank you! @karensuestudios and @teamsteem


Heheh thank you skyleap! ❤️

Looks funny but i like. I also wanna see myself like a cartoon😂😂😂

They were special! I love the idea, I think I have to figure out how to get my own!

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

A big hug from me to both of you ... keep loving and keep smiling ... and it really looks cool to me

Haha I want one (`・ω・´)

Hey @karensuestudios! Are you going to build more and sell them via STEEM? I would be interested!


Sure! :). Send me a DM on discord!

A big hug from me to both of you ... keep loving and keep smiling ... and you people really look cool in the gif

those are awesome!

the cards are fantastic

Hello friend @teemsteem, actually those business cards were very well made, the drawings used are great, excellent work, enjoy them friend, greetings

Very nice business card...right it's so cool! If I got one of yours @teamsteem I will cherish for the rest of my Steemit life...

This is so beautiful and creative!

So cute! What a great idea and I love how they aren't the traditional business card shape! The QR code on the back is a great touch too! :) @karensuestudios you are so sweet those are inspired gifts! and @skyleap, your art is amazing!

Everyone will LOVE them!


Thank you(^^)v


Of course! :)

Nice Cards <3

Awesome video, too much fun to watch and also informative at the same time.

That's a lovely and creative one from @karensuestudios. I can make you a portrait sketch that you'll love too @teamsteem :))

Hi man what sup! I think that my last drawing for you weren't that interest, and i worked on my self to improve my skills.
I hope I'm there :)

Awesome ,you three look cool in the gif above...

Very nice to get those, Unconventional business cards but I like it a lot :)

great video

these businesscards are sooooooooo cooool ......

You all are looking good 😎😎😎😎

wao so good Coagulation ... how to receive it,,,, what formality for steem card.

Hey they look awesome .. what a great present!! Awesome work @karensuestudios

That QR code at the back of the card is a really cool idea!

Yeeeeeew! Nice caaards!!! Love them :-)