Thoughts from the Ambient Church, Vol. II: Are your goals life and death type shit?

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Death is coming for us all.

Damn. Is that depressing. Or should it just make me want to live right now all the more. A constant reminder to SNAP OUT OF IT! and get back to the important shit in life.

If you missed the first ambient church (the world outside when I go out to run) ramble on life and health and money and all that, you can watch it HERE.

I hope you enjoy the vid today, and that it inspires you in pursuit of what you really want.




Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as DLive and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

My video is at DLive

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Success is almost always directly related to how much work people do on their skills and talents. Nothing was handed to me, and I worked my ass off to get to where I am. You can't just work hard either. Digging a hole and filling it is hard work, but you'll never get paid a lot to do it. You have to work hard at marketable skills instead. This is one reason I encourage my children to do three things life success wise: Learn a profession that pretty much requires you to go to college to get it (lawyer, medical doctor, engineer), learn a trade to go along with your profession (synergy helps like electrical engineer and electronics or electrician), and learn at least a second language (I'm learning Spanish because it helps me a ton as a PI). Most people simply do not want to do the work though to be successful. They want the get rich quick trick, and... Those tricks don't exist. Well said friend about giving this life we have, a real gift if you think about it, the best effort we can! I don't always drive forward, but I'm driving forward way more than I'm sitting idle.

The Gnostics had it right. We are god. Energy is god, and we are made of energy. It also connects us all. Our objective in life too is to find balance between the base desires and enlightenment. With that balance, we can use the wisdom and knowledge that balance makes possible to improve the world for ourselves and others. That's also why the oligarchs an rulers want to keep people unbalanced, ignorant, and focused on the base desires.


It seems like you and I are pretty similar in some of our views, @finnian. Not really surprised. Haha.

Liberty on, brother.

Comrade I love to find fellow voluntaryists in this platform! I am working hard to spread activism through my blog, I am personally an anarcho capitalist but I support all voluntary systems! I would love to ask for some feedback by as professional writer like you but I don't wanna sound like an asskisser! Also I loved your video exposing how evil the atomic bombs were in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, how can statistics justify a nuke! I may post about it someday... :D


What up, @endless.drugs. Always good to connect with fellow true believers.

If you're an AnCap, then yes, you must support all truly voluntary and consensual systems!

Thanks for the kind words, and looking forward to staying connected on here.



You'd get a long well then with @insanityisfree, and you should try to make one of the regular shows he hosts!


It sounds great, where can I get on the show? I am uploading podcasts with a friend soon! :D


He hosts regular weekly hangouts. Tonight in less than 20 minutes he will be live, and he has morning bad news shows every day of the work week as well!

Hello Dear


Your Video is inspiring , I like those people who share this type of content .. As we are from thousands and million miles are away but your efforts made us close.

As from Veda/Geeta The Hindu Mythology and Holy books Death and Birth just like cycle of a soul , Soul need to experience the Higher frequency of reality from materiel worlds to the spiritual worlds adn dissolve into SUPREME SOUL after that no birth and death will occur , it will be supreme blessed retire into peaceful ocean of spiritual Love.

Hi @kafkanarchy84

your Video is inspiring to all of us..

But in my Point of View Death and Birth just like two Exchange where Birth take place soul enter into a Material Body and After Death Soul Exit from Our Material worlds and find next to the higher developed body of child. After Death happens Soul sometimes rest into a sheath which is just like dormancy, and take place for Own karma to re-enter a body where he gets a new body enter into it. When it achieve most supreme reality which is called *Moksha it get dissolved into SUPREME SOUL and never have to renter into Death and birth Recycle.

this video really inspires me alot
thanks for this article @kafkanarchy84