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Lol cone!!! Seriously the only way to make money in a 🐻 market is to invest in masternode coins or mine them. When thing pick back up you get double the reward.

STEEM to the moon! :D
Cool videos by the way @hodgetwins.

ay bros i can edit the audio for your videos if youd like, the static is killing me as an audio engineer :P

good to see you guys smashin ur content all over dlive!

To the BTC "true believers", we're like the scabs crossing the picket line.

Because Satoshi's original vision was a peer-to-peer network and cutting out the big money banking system, XRP is thumbing their nose at the pure philosophy of crypto by working with the banks. (In their viewpoint) XRP isn't "decentralized" because it's being controlled by one company. Of course they won't talk about how their beloved BTC isn't truly decentralized either. When you have a small handful of Chinese operations mining the majority of the BTC, I don't think you can really call yourself "decentralized". But because Ripple chooses to work with the banks, they see us as shitting on their purist philosophy.

Don't worry about it. As they say, "Haters gonna hate."

One word, Steem!

I remember selling my XRP at$ 0,9 last time, then it reached $3,2. Never again.