Going Balls Deep In Ripple XRP! @HODGETWINS

in dlive •  9 months ago


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People can hate on Ripple as much as they like but lets be honest Xrp's volume has been 4th largest by far.
This is very important and the fact that the banks use it and the payments are less then a panny to make a transaction.
Do not underestimate Xrp it went from 0.22 to 3.5$ that is 15x in 2 months.
Not a Single Crypto in the top 100 did that!


@amahovac93 where's the transparency? How would the system react to a hostile act. We know that the amount of ripple isn't finite, so who decides to print more? Let me know!!

It's all about the profits and XRP is diving today. See my recent article as to why, new class action lawsuit.