DLiveStar | Winners of DLiveStar #8 and announcement of DLiveStar #9

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Welcome to another edition of DLive Stars, in this thread we are congratulating the winners of period #8 and announcing period #9!

For those who aren't aware of DLive Stars, this is a frequent DLive campaign that ocurs every fortnight and we welcome three users who have made their mark by creating high quality content, engaging with the community and staying consistent within the platform. Users who are rewarded with the DLive Star title should recognize this as a great achievement.

DLive Star Information & Rules

Are you interested in becoming the next DLive Star?

It's easy to become eligible, all you have to do is enter the tag "dlivestar" in your next and future livestreams!
This doesn't exclude any kind of content, if you're a gamer, a vlogger, a foodie and anything inbetween, you can become the next DLive Star!

Period #9 of DLive Stars will be May 24th to June 6th 12pm CET

Must use the tag: dlivestar to be eligible

60% vote from DLive.
Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
List the streamer’s name in our biweekly ranking post (maximum 3 streamers every 2 weeks)




Math Teacher | Blogger | Dliver | Gamer | Three Monkeys Group

Canburaksimsek is a gamer that loves to stream some Fortnite, he currently has 81 broadcasts on DLive and stays consistent with his streams. The effort and passion he puts in his content is what makes him one of our DLive Stars!




Singer/songwriter, NZ and UK Citizen living in Australia

Melissa Kellie has been on DLive for such a long time now, showing off some DLive exclusive songs and sharing her beautiful music. Although she's extremely shy we would like to showcase her profile and reward her with the DLive Star title.

You can find her latest DLive post here.




Trumpit showcases some great broadcasts but also entertaining playthroughs! Definitely check out his content on DLive.io and give him a follow so you stay updated on his stream schedule. Trumpit deserves the DLive Star title and we are happy to reward him with it.

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Big congratulations to the new DLive Stars!! @trumpit @melissakellie @canburaksimsek


Thank you! ♡ ♡ ♡


Thank youu☺️☺️


Thanks sooo much to the DLive team for choosing me as one of the Dlivestars! :D


Congratulations Melissa. this is Fantastic!!!

Thank you all the winners. Dlive is very separate for me. Thank you Dlive Family. Dlive Forever ♥♥♥


Congratulations @canburaksimsek ! :)


Thank you Dayı😂


COng broo :D


Helal olsun abi xd


helal olsun abi :D


Teşekkür ederim @hawk28


Tebrikler abi


Teşekkür ederim

Congrats everyone!! ♥️

@melissakellie, I’m so stoked for you!! This honor is well deserved!


Thanks so much @coruscate :) I was soo excited <3 <3

Congratulations to all the winners! What an honor!

I feel so starstruck, it was only last weekend where I met the now-famous @trumpit with his signature flannel!
Great work everyone!


Thank you ♡ ♡ ♡

Awww Thank you guys soo much! So excited to have been chosen as one of the DLivestars! I'm really enjoying being on DLive, Thanks so much to @wa7 and the @dlive team you are all so friendly and i have been enjoying sharing my music with you all :) Yaay so excited =D


Thank you My friend ☺️

congtrats for Dlivestar ^_^


Thank you! ☺️

I hope Im dlivestar :D one day

Congratulations! @canburaksimsek, @melissakellie and @trumpit


Thank you ♡ ♡ ♡


Thank you My friend ☺️ @leofahmi


Thank you :)

Sounds like an amazing project, looks interesting and I hope there is a good future for the platform

Congratulations to all winners, i'll try my best to get to the same place as you

Wonderful creation to promote @DLive users on @Steemit! Congrats to all the stars of DLive!

Congrats for all winner..
Dlive is the best

Definitivamente, tengo que aprender a realizar este tipo de publicaciones... que buenas son..

I hope there good job


Congratulations DliveStars👏🏼👏🏼

Congrats everyone! When it comes to making our platform looks so exceptional compared to everything else available on the Internet - you truly #DLIVER! (っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ )


Thank you ☺️

I want to be the next Dlive star, but my live broadcast isn't allowing me, I feel so sad...

I like your post. I believe that dlive is a good platform for us............

Congratulations for you all guys ! @canburaksimsek, @melissakellie and @trumpit

congratulations to all the winners good work, may you continue to reap many more successes!

Congrats to all the new dlivestar winners man! Keep up the great content!

Good job guys!!!

congratulations for the winners

Congrats to Winners, Standby in Dlive because Dlive the Best for Streaming

looks interesting and I hope there is a good future for the platform, tanksyou for sharing😊😊

Congrats for all the winners! I am going to challenge the new campaign, yeah!!

congratulations to the winners

Congratulation @dlive

Congratulations to all the winners, thanks DLive for having something like this for dlivers to strive for :)

Congratulations to the 3 of you guys! You're all amazing! 😎

Congrats for all winner dlivestar👏


Congrats the winners! Glad to see DLive is getting greater and greater. Amazing campaign guys!

It's fantastic <3 xd

Congratulations to the 3 winners

Congratulations to the selected users, their transmissions are excellent. Thank you @dlive.

Congratulations to the winner



oh ok!!! great!!! i wil use the tag then for my WoW videos. <3 Contrats to the winners!!!!! and steem on guys!

selamat buat kalian semua @trumpit @melissakellie @canburaksimsek

gratz all :)

I am happy to meet you,let us make friends!

Good, congratulation ma bro !!!!