in deception •  7 months ago

it takes a lot of energy to deceive the inoccent. What a waste. So what if things didn't go your way. There are plenty opportunity in this world for us to alter our negative thoughts. Spreading hate only destroy our character and stun our growth by hindering our blessings. But if this is the path that someone/person chooses to follow, then cursed is that someone/person for vengeance is the Lord's, to which they won't be able to escape on earth nor in hell. Though they may laugh during the mist of their trials, hell will be their resting place for an eternal while. Weather it be now or later one thing is for sure, God's word will never return empty nor void. They will reap the fruits of what they have sown. Though they may laugh now cause they feel untouchable, they won't be able to cry later for their will be no mercy because they chose not to show mercy to others. ..

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