Ledger Nano is going mobile

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The Ledger Nano S has been the go to hardware wallet for many crypto users because of it's high security features, modern design, and the ability to completely keep the hardware wallet offline when it's not in use.

Ledger has realized that many users have been complaining the wallet is not mobile friendly, so Ledger has decided to go ahead and create a mobile compatible hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano X.

The Ledger Nano X is going to be targeted for people that rarely touch a computer these days and instead use their mobile device for almost everything these days. With the Ledger Nano X you are going to connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device. Your Ledger will still hold your private keys, but your mobile phone or another computing device will be required to sign off on transactions.

The Ledger Nano X is also going to have a slightly bigger screen as well, but one of the main improvements to the device is that it will have a much larger memory storage and will be able to store the apps for up to 100 crypto assets (hopefully they are assets) which is 6 times the storage of the Ledger Nano S.

One of the other reasons for the increased memory is that different cryptocurrencies are becoming more complex, so each cryptocurrency will need its own app for sending and receiving coins, which will also make the Ledger more secure.

Ledger is planning on making this announcement at the annual Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas very soon and they have a countdown on their website about when they are planning on releasing the big news.


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Quite strange it took so long to design this mobile gadget. It is maybe over two years since i got my Leger Unpluged NFC card.THOUGH limited to BTC only, just like original NANO, it is a great tool for Bitcoin lovers

Just saw it a couple of hours ago..
They will start to ship the new ledger in March..

Very intresting the larger amount of memory.. But i'm a bit suspicious about bluetooth security, i feel more safe with wired connection.. but that's just me! :)


Yeah bluetooth feels a little less secure, but I think it would still be hard to hack unless you were 30 ft. away from someone.


Yeah, probably.. It is just a stupid fear.. Like when you are not able to drive, and you are scared from car..

This is really a good development and initiative by the ledger nano team, certainly the ledger nano X for mobile devices will truly transform online and offline storage of crypto coins @the4thmusketeer

This is the best wallet ever what make it many people use this wallet is the very strong security I read about it before months ago thank you for sharing

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I think this is a huge development. Beside the big level of security Ledger offers, designing the product to care for everybody is a very good idea. I personally do mobile with just about everything.

for me the most important thing is comfort in this matter, hopefully soon it will be announced well

My most disappointment when using Ledger Nano S is "Not Enough Storage Left" problem. So you can install about 5,6 apps on that. If you want to use others coin, you have to uninstall one. Hope this new version can handle it.