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CryptoDaily has always tried to maintain his sense of humor about Bitcoin and crypto prices and when the crypto prices fell further he seems to have spent more of his time working on crypto memes that we can all relate to. CryptoDaily has been posting on YouTube for over 2 years and I think it's important to have some light-hearted humor in crypto investing when it can be frustrating at times.

CryptoDaily and Suppoman used to be really close, but to me it would appear that CryptoDaily has distanced himself significantly from Suppoman, one of the biggest crypto shillers on YouTube. Suppoman is known for creating Suppocoin as well as selling some of his ICO picks that turned out to be scams. CryptoDaily continues to focus on creating funny and engaging content that is almost always humorous.

CryptoDaily continues to post some serious updates and helpful news about crypto as well as asking some of the hard questions about Bitcoin including the real value of Bitcoin which is yet to be determined. At least CryptoDaily is sending the right message here which is that he is not a financial advisor and you should always analyze your source of information and do your own research and invest at your own risk.

I found this video that CryptoDaily recently posted about some of the best cryptocurrency memes he found from 2018 and the list is relatable to anyone who has spent at least a year in crypto.

Here is this funny video that CryptoDaily found and promoted on his channel, apparently the band here CryptoBard has been trying in the process of making this video for over 2 months and was planning on releasing this video around Christmas, but has trouble getting their word out until CryptoDaily got a hold of them:

You can also follow Crypto Daily on Twitter if you're interested: Twitter:

Here's a link to more crypto memes if you're interested:

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The crypto meme video looks really funny and entertaining but at the same time it tries to pass out some valuable information to the audience, I know more of these memes will truly spring out this year about cryptos and blockchain @the4thmusketeer

Interesting, nowadays everything is made a meme and not crypts are saved from that hehe, good channel if you want to learn a little more dynamically and fun;) greetings ....

this is very good channel dedicated to the Crypto world


Haha, yeah. Crypto is a huge passion of mine. Thanks!

Hit me up on discord Transisto#4061


Ok, I'll try and contact you soon. What did you think of this video?