Crypto Youtubers worth following in 2019

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The crypto space has grown very quickly over the last 2 years, and even though the prices are down right now there are plenty of exciting games, Dapps, and more projects coming out soon. Hopefully we can slowly eliminate the word ICO from our vocabulary as a bunch of these ICOs were scams after all, and it seems like there should be a better way to do all of this. Anyways, here are a few crypto Youtubers that I still consider worthwhile to pay attention to. This is my short list of crypto YouTubers that aren't trying to sell you something at the end of every single video and some of them won't sell you anything.

CryptoBud: CryptoBud is still one of my favorite crypto YouTubers because he is an intelligent person who gives his honest opinions about crypto projects. I think it's possible to accuse him of shilling coins that he likes occassionally, but he usually gives his realistic price predictions for the cryptocurrency marketplace as a whole as well as some of his favorite coins like Neo and CryptoBud was talking about Neo when it was still called AntShares. CryptoBud also understands enough technical analysis in order to make good or at least honest price predictions and I haven't seen him trying to sell anything to his viewers. I like watching CryptoBud because he tends to focus on some of the bigger pictures of cryptocurrency including possible correlations between crypto and the price of gold or crypto and the stock market.

Chico Crypto: Chico crypto is based out of Chico, California which is the reason for that name. Chico crypto is a good channel in my opinion because he definitely won't back down from speaking his mind, and he has even gone as far as accusing Binance of being evil. While, I personally don't agree with him on this I can still appreciate the fact that he is speaking his mind. Chico crypto is guilty of shilling Elastos very often, but he isn't blindly shilling Elastos. There is potential that Elastos becomes a major player in the future. The main reason why I would recommend Chico crypto is because he has pretty well researched videos where he has an open minded attitude overall, and if you can prove him wrong I know that he'd be willing to admit his mistakes.

Crypt0: Crypt0 is known for his daily and consistent updates on the crypto market. He has been around for a while in the crypto space and continued to make tons of new content even in this bear market. Crypt0 has also had notable crypto pundits on his channel including Trace Mayer, one of the first public bloggers talking about cryptocurrency and talking about the extreme potential of Bitcoin when it was just $0.25. Cryptocurrency is clearly his biggest passion and he has also interviewed John McAfee who I'm already assuming most people know who he is. John McAfee has also stated that he plans on running for president in 2020 in order to spread the news about blockchain, but he doesn't believe that he will win.

These are the main crypto YouTubers I will continue to follow throughout 2019. There are several crypto Youtubers still out there, but I have stopped following a lot of them including Suppoman, Crypto Gurus, and more. I have found that Suppoman continues to try to sell his courses to people in this crypto bear market and I wish he would focus on improving his quality of content instead.

The reason I’m no longer a fan of Crypto Gurus is because I took his advice and bought into Havven about 6 months ago and lost my entire investment. I don't think Crypto Gurus is the right title for this channel, and I’m not even sure if Havven is still a live project. I also have to add that Tom from Crypto Gurus tends to be talking about projects that I’ve never heard of before such as Cornucopia and Alprockz. While I cannot fully say if these projects are scams, the fact that I am a pretty well informed crypto investor and that I have never heard of these projects makes me question if he is getting paid to promote these coins. Will we ever hear of Alprockz in the future? I'm not sure. Let me know your opinions here, and if there are better people to follow.

Update: The head of marketing at Alprockz has contacted me to inform me that there are still in the ICO stage and definitely not a scam. Here is the website: Do your own research here before you invest. Also, Havven has rebranded to Synthetix, I never received my Synthetix tokens when the swap occurred so that is my frustration with this project, but it's also possible that other Havven holders did not have this issue, so I think I might have jumped the gun here. If you were a Havven holder do you now have your Synthetix tokens? This will settle some of the confusion.

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I do Crypto Comedy type rants etc, been at it about a year, check me out if you need some laughs!


I will search you.. Let see if i can understand it! :D

Ivan on Tech is also pretty good:
He's sweedish so it's like PewDiePie got into crypto.
And if you want to learn about blockchain development Dapp University is good too:

Valuable information, I stopped watching crypto related youtubers because most of them were overselling crypto by pointing only the advantages and ignoring all the problems.
I will check this channels out to see if I like any of them

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Hello and thanks for your article. I went to Youtube and subscribed to those crypto youtubers you mentioned.
I have a question about your ICO statement. It may seem like a newbie question but I just don't understand.
Why don't you like the term ICO? I agree that there are scams out there in any indeavor whether it's crypto or used cars. But what does ICO have to do with it?
I also realise there must have been some ICOs that went further and are working well.
Obviously the scariest ones were the ICOs that meant well, weren't scams but were just over their heads and failed.
Please let me know what to look for in any of these three ICO possiblities
Honest but doomed
Any pointers as to how to tell the difference or should all ICOs be avoided in your opinion?


The term ICO implies that we are giving companies the capital they need to create a product or service that may only be an idea. Raising $5 million dollars for an idea is crazy. Raising $5 million for a business is different. Unfortunately, I got burned by some ICOs and lost money because I was relatively new to the whole experience. ICOs should just be avoided right now in my opinion, a lot of them are scams and it's better to have these companies prove their worth to us first.


Well that makes me feel better. The ICO I am working with is from a large international company that has been in business almost 12 years. The fact that a coin offering fits so well into their product range is also a positive. I have done quite a bit of research. I like the blockchain behind them as well as the thought out plans, scheduled targets and structure. Is it fulproof? No, nothing is. But for investment purposes at this time as well as being able to get your money back before launch is impressive. Now the marketing and systems must be as well. The numbers make sense and the time they have set aside to accomplish these things seems more than sufficient. Low entry point but as any investment, don't invest more than you can afford to lose. #WiseNotGreedy


Crypto big quick profit

ForkedBlock is great for watching live streams and re-broadcasts of development and experimenting with new projects.

I am a big fan of Chico crypto because he explains technical terms in a more simpler and understanding mood, and i have learnt a lot from Chico crypto most especially about the importance and how to use different decentralized crypto exchanges @the4thmusketeer


I also learn about beer from Chico crypto, lol. But it's a good channel overall. He isn't afraid to call it how he sees it.

There is only one crypto youtuber worth watching. His name is Doug Polk.

Hello and happy to be here! Very good word about Crypto Bud, and Crypt0 their are really good and I'm following them since early of 2017, and Yes their videos on youtube channel are very knowledgeable and informative, thanks for sharing!
But I'm huge fan for crypto and blockchain in overall and it is my life purpose and my true passion. So i would like to share and recommend you to follow a few very good crypto influence rs. Enjoy! ;)
MY TOP 5 all times no shillers no sellers. Just how their are looking in crypto space in overall.

  1. Young & Investing
    2.Sunny Decree
    3.Data Dash
    4.The Crypto Lark
    5.Ivan on Tech
    Conclusion: Here I'm mentioned just a few but their are the best Crypto youtubers out there, of course there are much more a good youtubers, but those are really worth time to watch. And I'm really understand how difficult is to decide witch one is worth to trust, in this case suppoman, cryptogurus, or for example the bitconnect shiller trevor James these people never get back our trust anymore.
    Long Bitcoin short the bankers!
    Thank you and good luck everyone :))

Lets get them on dtube

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Ivan on tech is a good one and his interviews are highly useful

oh my! i think i recall that advice from Crypto Gurus and almost followed it. fortunately, there was an immediate family need that was prioritized. otherwise, it would have been very sad day for me.


I just feel like he does 10 or 20 minutes of research on a coin and then he promotes it like he never has before. Good investments usually take time and more research than that!

Your posts are making me a fan. Really I am learning a lot from you myan..

Dear @the4thmusketeer

Another great piece of work. I've heard about most of those channels before and I totaly agree with all your picks.

On top of mentioned channels I would recommend also:

  • david haye
  • Ready Set Crypto

Two amazing channels.


@crypt0 posts his content here on steem, so feel free to go and show him some support with a few votes.


That's true, I'll go see what's new. He's definitely a good and honest source of crypto information.


he always gives a shout out to people who tip him on youtube. i need to catch him when he's live and try and get a shout out for steem without him worrying about shilling steem.


while i got your attention, this post might be of interest to you if you haven't seen it already


Seems like an interesting idea. I think Steemit is definitely having problems keeping users because let's face it the user experience here isn't nearly as good as it should be. Steemit needs to make some changes soon to enhance the user experience or else they will lose thousands of users.


Totally agree!!!

I only look into YouTubers for comedy value, lets be honest they might know something about crypto but they can't predict the market any better than i can. Also they make cash by shilling, which i think is a little immoral.

Just watch them for the comedy value or general roundup of news. Don't look into projects they are pushing.

I've always liked CryptoCoins. He gives simple news with more facts than opinions. He is on Steemto, but doesn't get as much support as he deserves. Check out @dmae

At least Chico crypto makes some decent videos, wish they can visit us here in South Korea, I live in Seoul and having Tyler would be an interesting day for me

i just read this article and wanted to share it, think crypto will recover this year?

i never trust any crypto youtuber. I believe all of em are paid shills


Yeah, that's fair too.

Do yourself a favor and follow davincij15 on YouTube. He is working with MMCrypto.

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Thanks @hansdewet. I will definetly check this channel

This looks like a solid list. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the list!

Very very very disappointed not to see @crypto-daily on here!
(he dosent post on steem anymore but still uploads daily on YouTube)


I agree. I should have added him to this list probably, and I enjoy his videos. I just feel he is more about entertaining than providing info right now.


Realistically, I believe people need a bit of entertainment to get then through the bear market.

Recently, I've come across davincij15 who offers solid discussions on BTC...jmho.


Thank you!
In big pool like youtube, some tips are very useful to find the right persons to hear! :)

I don't follow any Youtuber because their video are too long in general to watch and I prefer to read text instead!

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Same here @chesatochi. I realized that I can absorb 3-4 times more informations reading than watching vidoes. So I only do youtube once my eyes are dead tired and I want to give them some rest :)


Haha, I feel the opposite. I read a lot, but watching videos for me is so much easier and less tiring for me as long as they get straight to the point.


It always depends on the content you like to consume in the end. ;)

Never heard of Cornucopia and Alprockz either

Chico Crypto is good but he got his predictions wrong. Even then I like him coz he is bold and speaks his mind. Even lashed out at Binance. Quite a nice presenter and entertaining!

I actually had seen many crypto youtubers and only 3 survived as my subscription, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Daily and Boxmining.

Hello The4thmusketeer,

My name is Hosam Mazawi, I'm the head of Marketing at

We invite you to visit our website and our community and ask any questions about our product.

The fact you didnt hear about specific startup does not mean it's a scam.
Same goes for "following advice of YouTuber and investing in ICO". Crypto Guru never told anyone to invest in Alprockz, he simple did review about us and interview with our CEO.

we are more than happy to have a call with you and answer any questions you have.

Alprockz Team


Ok, I agree. I've visited the website and now I understand that you are still in the ICO stage. I will be asking more questions about your company in the future, sorry my mistake. I'll update the article for better accuracy.

Now on personal note and not realted to my realtionship with Alprockz.

ICO Token Price:
1 HAVVEN = 0.67 USD

Havven price hit 0.77$ at May 22 2018. (Check Coinmarketcap)

The fact you didnt sell and book your profit means it's your mistake. You can't blame someone for your own mistakes you have to take responsibility.

Second, HAVVEN did re-branding and they are now Synthetix (, so yes they still exist.

Your article is simply not correct and not accurate. I suggest you do some homework first.


Havven just disappeared from Coinmarketcap completely. I guess the team just didn't do a great job of getting the word out on Coinmarketcap because all of the sudden if you search for Havven there is no sign of it and there is only Havven protocol in its place which was confusing to me. Maybe the blame could be placed on coinmarketcap? I was not given any SNX coins in exchange for my Havven tokens either when the swap occurred so that's a valid frustration I have here, but I'll update the article for better accuracy.

i will still decide for myself so i don't blame anyone. i have lost a few coins but that's me..

anyone here heard about this meet up? anybody here coming?

i want to ask your opinion about this article, is it really good opportunity to buy now because of bearish market? im scared to take a risk.


We can never be sure in this volatile market...


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I am a fan of Crypto Bitcoin Chris, Crypto Zombie, and although he is a super shill for XRP, I like the Digital Asset Investor. He's a good ole southern boy like me and I like to hear his positivity about the crypto space as a whole.

Hi you think we can get their attention and make them join steem?


That's probably a good idea, and sure. I'm not sure if Chico crypto knows about Steem. Cryptobud and Crypt0 already know about it.

No Crypto Bobby?

I love Crypto

Very helpful for the exposure of anything crypto :)

@the4thmusketeer I’d also suggest you add @louisthomas to the list!

I’ve found him to be very balanced and patient in his discussions and debates. Worth a look!

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