Site review: - is it a scam?

in cryptocurrency •  7 months ago

I'd love me some more crypto, so I thought I'd give it a try. That's right, this is my personal experience.

Crypto voucher?

Among listings on a gray market, this thingy caught my eye.

The experience

I got it from Kinguin, which can get to by clicking the voucher image above, but there's quite a list of resellers. It comes with a code which I had to input on as shown below. Quicktip: always read what you're agreeing to when you tick boxes.

It is followed only by a very similar page where you type in your wallet address instead of the voucher code. You can also opt in a confirmation email to follow your delivery's status. They say it can take up to 10 hours, but mine finished transfering in about 40 minutes. Here's the email I got:

It went through.


I assure you one thing: it's easy and it works. Both buying and redeeming the voucher is very simple. You buy it with any of the available payment methods like paypal or any credit card. Transfering is fast enough. It's not instant, but I got my BTC after only around 30 minutes. All I had to do was type in my wallet address.

You get the option of buying 25, 50 or 100 Euros worth of crypto. Even though it only supports BTC and some ICO right now, they show ETH and LTC as "coming soon", so I'm looking forward to that.


You get 95% of what you pay for. You can check coinmarketcap's price to confirm this. It also adds up with taxes and fees along the way, just like their withdrawal fee for BTC of 0.00045, nearly 3 USD, which is only okay for those 100 euro purchases . But it should be okay once they get LTC and ETH up and running.

You can't "hold" withdrawals. Once you redeem your voucher, it has to be used. I didn't want to risk losing my BTC so I just rushed through it.

Should you use it?

It's far from perfect, but if you have no better and/or cheaper option to buy crypto, then this is somewhat acceptable.

Thank you for reading!

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Idk about this. Seems like it takes to long.
I'd rather use coinbase in that case


I don't have access to coinbase purchases, so this is interesting to me and to everyone outside coinbase enabled regions. A lot of people see crypto as a stock exchange thing, too, so it is like a gift card when used by the less knowledgeable. Sellers on this kind of site also greatly benefit from it.

This will be top of the line for me once they get ETH/LTC going.


I won't use any place that asks for KYC unless I can physically present it in the real world. I don't even consider huge players like Coinbase to be reputable. You would not show your private keys to anyone and your identity is the most important private key of all.

I think that those of us who really believe in the technology should not worry about the price. And its also because of the fear that price will drop, and the fact that we go in with the mindset of "investing" and earning money that disappoints us the most.

While some are viewed as investments like stocks and some cryptocurrencies are viewed as currency, those of us "investing" in the currency should try not to sell. The very point of a currency is a medium of exchange, not to earn money. The value will eventually go up, mechanisms and systems will come in place to use these mediums of exchange in the future, and price will stabilise with that. Isn't that what we want with cryptocurrency? Or just blindly waiting for the price to go up and sell and repeat? @felipejoys what do you think sir?


I agree that the point of a currency is a medium of exchange, and that's exactly why it isn't about investing. Investments are something you do specifically to earn money. Whatever I ever hold, I do it because I'll use it soon enough.

You might argue "but if nobody holds it, there won't be any value", which is true. There is no chance that'll ever happen, though, because maintaining coin value is in some people's interests, i.e. mining farms.

People don't usually buy US Dollars to uphold it's value, they just use it as a coin. But just like mining farms, there are those who work hard to sustain it.

Nice article, I have heard certain places such as India do not have many methods for people to purchase crytpo currencies. I would be interested to hear your opinion on my first article if you have the time to check it out.


Thanks and done.

You are right brother, if there is no way left then only we should try these websites as when they turn into scams no one knows. What do u say??


Legit sites usually stay legit.

Not heard about this but thank you for the analysis, I will have a look into them.

Personally I use Crowdholding. They are a crypto feedback platform where you log in for free, repsond and give feedback to tasks and earn crypto for it.

They have over 21k users, 30 startups and multiple tokens to earn. During tasks you earn both the startups token and also Crowdholding's YUP. They recently just got onto CoinMarketCap as well. I would recommend these guys to anyone who wants to earn crypto without mining, investing or sick of doing bounties and spamming social medias.

I Have been using other services, but it looks quite amazing !! let me try !! :) #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin #Crypto


Let us know how it went.


Why Not. I Will Share Regarding It Soon...


When you write your own articles, I will gladly read and upvote them. But if you plagiarize content, all I can do is flag you.


I had not copied from other source, I just read
the story from the internet and post it in my own words if you think doing this is illegal then do what you want.


You should look up what plagiarizing means, then.


It means stealing others content, tell me where did people will learn from internet, news, books newspaper etc. so i did, I found some interesting in this story from internet so I write in my blog. If you still think its wrong then I will not reply you in future.


tell me where did people will learn from internet, news, books newspaper etc

You give them the link to the the SOURCE! You don't profit from someone else's work. You make your own content.

If you want to use it commercially, you can comment your opinion comprehensively before linking to the source. That's acceptable fair use of their labor

This is not a matter of opinion. If you keep doing it, I will report you to @steemcleaners who will constantly flag your posts.


Hey bro, as you have told me to I have posted new article take a view and comment me is there is anything else i should do? Here is the link -

I think it's better in future

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Well good information to find another way to buy crypto thank you


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I could easily make a new post explaining why noone should trust the site you advertise. Please refrain from commenting about it on my posts. Unless you want to explain to everyone how your business model is covering fees, of course.