Hold IOST. Bitcoin waiting for the next move

in cryptocurrencies •  6 months ago

IOST Binance ‼

This Coin Has Not Seen Any Pump/ Recovery Yet
We Would Say Just Go Ahead and Buy it

Chart Showing its Bottoming Out/ Bottom Support at 180 Levels

Also, IOST Having Ton of News Upcoming
Expect 50-80% Profits Easily Due to These

Big News

  1. BlockChain Conf.
  1. v.0.7 Nike Module on TestNET
  2. v.0.9 Deployment on The TestNET
  3. Security Audit for iOS Network
  4. v.1.0 Athena Release on The iOS Network
  5. DApps Launch
  6. Network Optimization

Current Rate 183 Satoshi
Accumulate and Wait for a Hard Bounce from Bottom Support

Hold This Big Guy for Whoop Whoop Profits 🚀



And bitcoin STILL trading in this sideways consolidation pattern!! it's a solid run up not another wash between 6100 and 6500..Sell the break of support and buy the breakout of resistance. It's as simple as that. I am having trouble to get over rising wedge on 4H and D charts.1W chart both macd cross and price up the beartrend line, next days will clarify the next move

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