Comedy Curation League - Announcement.

Calling all Funny people and those people who read interesting funny articles outside of the #comedyopenmic tag.

We need you!

We are setting up a curation league for #comedyopenmic. Come in to our server, drop a link in the #curation-league channel. And everyday we will choose the best link and upvote it 100%. It's that simple. If your link is chosen we will send you 1SBD as a thank you for finding good content.

Here is a break down of the rules

  • Post payout < $20
  • Post must be funny
  • No self promotion
  • Maximum 1 nomination per person per day
  • Maximum 1 upvote per successful poster per week.
  • Nominator must be part of #comedyopenmic community

Come Join us on Discord and we will welcome you with open arms.

Resteem and tell your friends. Comedy Open Mic is expanding!!

Thank you to @matytan for the great banner

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Yeah! Kick off time!!!!

Bring on the funny!


Hahaha nice one mate.

This is great community incentive. You are a genius.

As for my pick today I couldn't get @tanglebranch's post out of my mind so I will post it in the discord ;-)


Brilliant! So far you're in the lead.

@henrywilson is funny. I haven't seen him perform, but according to @henrywilson, @henrywilson is funny.
Classic @henrywilson.


@henrywilson should come join our comedy contest. I will go encourage him thanks for the heads up.

If you like his work, come join our discord and put one of his posts for the win. Nice you see you here Matty

Lets boom it


How to roll in sir.. How to be the part of community..


Come to our discord server. Talk to us. And if you like, join our comedy contest.



Is that enough to join your group.


If you would like to just come and curate funny entries, and nothing else, then ok. I think we can accept it, as long as you stick to the rules.

Oh Magoo, you've done it again :)

I'm willing to join your


Come over to discord and engage with us or check out the @comedyopenmic blog for the contests or look at #comedyopenmic tag for funny entries


Way to go, this is a whole new way to promote the funny people, funny posts and the creators as well. It's amazing and selfless, thank you so much

thanks for this innovation.
can we post any thing funny like picture or videos ?


It can be any funny post that someone else has authored. Please no self promotion.

Thank you very much for sharing. @comedyopenmic

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
I really find it more interesting

join completed. but I didn't find #curation-league channel.



You're too quick. Needed to wait for us to give you access. You should be able to see it now.


Sorry for that. But I am so excited.Thanks for support. And eventually I got it.

A unirse pues!!

Guys that is awesome, I hope you make this on the #comedyopenmicespanol

@comedyopenmic is the best, you are the clown of the blockchain.