Missing Figures Found, Safe and Sound and Colorful … Chiang Mai – Colourful Photography

After being AWOL for a few months, these colorful figures suddenly reappeared. *  

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Why are we here?

About 5 months ago, I created a post about these same figures, which I had found “loitering with no intent behind a mall.”  They were in an empty courtyard, and they seemed to have no reason for being there. Then, they suddenly disappeared. 

To promote sustainable agriculture

Recently, I saw them again – in a display space near the front entrance to the mall. They are now part of an informative exhibition introducing a Thai Royal Project to promote sustainable farming practices in the hinterlands around Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand.   

It seems as though one of the figures has lost his way; before, there were 5 of these figures, but now there are only 4. Maybe the fifth one preferred the peaceful life on the farm to life in a large bustling mall on a major urban street.     * AWOL = Away WithOut Leave (an army term for an unexcused and unexplainable absence)     My previous post – "Papier-Mache Figures Lingering in Courtyard"
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Colourful Photography contest.

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Beautiful colourful photografhy.

I remember these figures. It is nice that they again delight with their presence, though not at full strength.


Glad you remember them. And I was glad to see them again.

Maybe someday, I'll meet the elusive fifth figure.

These figures are incredible and colourful too. You have done a good job tracking them. Perhaps the fifth little man will join his brothers when next you meet them. Who knows? He might come with his girlfriend. Lol


If he brings his girlfriendS, he'd be more than welcome!


Hehehe that's for sure.