Color Challenge ~ Thursday Green

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This is my entry for today´s #colorchallenge Thursday Green contest hosted by @kalemandra.

I was fortunate to be able to visit Cuba in November 2016, a historic country of rich culture, architecture, hardship and beauty. (Please see some of my previous posts on Cuba below).

Here we have the Caribbean Peacock who was always outside our door each morning. For some reason, he or she, was a bit camera shy...

Click image to view full size.

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Quite amazing colors on that little bird. I have seen them get really pissed off before. Maybe that is why its running away. Where there many in cuba, or just where you were staying?


Crazy birds! We had about 4 hanging out and they use to piss each other off all the time. Loud and annoying at times, but fun to watch.


The males are the load ones and can be aggressive. But those florescent colors are amazing.

Such a cool shot of it Peacocks are so cool but can also get downright nasty



Thanks for the tip. And you are so right. The staff told me not to chase them down and we also saw a couple of them a bit flustered at each other.


your welcome I messed up and drained my Voting power so using tips instead

There was a farm near where i grew up that had peacocks one chased me one day

So lovely :)))


Thank you.

He/she is a bright one for sure!

Peacocks are cool birds. Sometimes I hear them in my city. They can be super loud!!


That is so true @acromott. They were just hanging out and then they get pissed off at either humans or other peacocks and let it known.

Beautiful bird, I love their colorful and artistic pattern of the tail feathers, but I was so shocked to hear their voice, beauty and a beast in one :)

Great shot @armentor :D
Peacocks are amazing!!


Yeah. Stunning, yet temperamental... get a bit steered up if you get too close.

Bro @armentor .. I think, You have a mistake in your post title .. C is mistake !!!
Great colorful photo click..


Yes... I saw that. thank you!



Peacock is a unique friend, in my country Indonesia there are also birds like that, but very rare to find, it's your journey of fun in 2016


Thank you.

Seems peacock stand in one leg and ready to dance 💃. Its good always you see this beautiful bird in your front yard. Good click.


Thanks man!

Very cool shot, I like this photo. Barev

I love those of the peacock, they look like those metallic colors ... A beautiful shot. I hope to see more pictures like this one.

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@ armentor i love dat....very colourful

Nice color challenge @armentor

Ooow so beautiful! great photo!

Absolutely amazing photograph. Is this even real ?

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Nice photos. Peacock is a very beautiful and exotic bird. The tail is very charming. You are very lucky to be able to take pictures while running.

That peacock appears to not be too thrilled in getting its picture taken? Must be pay to play (;