Help get Steem on Coinbase and get an upvote from me!

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I noticed that @therealwolf was doing a 10% upvote for anyone that was voting for Steem to get on Coinbase. -

I love the idea and will be doing the same. Anyone that votes or posts on social media trying to get Steem on Coinbase, post your links below for a 10% upvote from me! - Thanks @therealwolf for the idea.

Don't forget to vote!
1.) Go to
2.) Login or Signup first
3.) Go to
4.) Click on the star
Info: If you don't see the stars, it seems that this is a somewhat common problem. At the current time, I'm not aware what the solution could be. But you can try to use different browsers.
5.) Make a screenshot similar to the image above
6.) Create a comment under this post with your screenshot to proof your action
7.) Get a 10% upvote.

More material on the subject:

I will be giving first round of upvotes tonight when my SP recovers a bit, thanks!

Edit: If I missed you tonight, I will be checking this post for the next seven days.

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That's a really nice initiative, thanks!

Bez názvuafs.jpg

Great idea! Here is my printscreen :) I voted yesterday.

Bez názvu.png

Let's get Steem to Coinbase! That would be huge! Thanks for the upvote :)


Ohne Titel.png

I would love this! Coinbase is where I start when I want to buy Steem.
But at others have noted I don't see any stars. Not just for Steem, none of the others on their 'not available' list show a star.
(I have tried with Firefox and Chrome.)

Sadly no star there for me, I shall try on another day though.


So I asked customer support instead.


Just saw your post while I was Steeming...

Took less than a minute to do it !!!



Done @theycallmedan sir

Voted only for STEEM on Coinbase

steeem only.jpg

Hello @theycallmedan,

I went to vote for steem, but I didn't see the star to click on.

Hey, @theycallmedan.

I see you have an email in to coinbase about the lack of stars on the coinbase crypto listing page. Will you be working on an update if they let you know why it's only working for some and not others?

I think this is one of the more proactive things we can do, so thanks for helping therealwolf get the word around. Hopefully we can get enough people who can see it now to star STEEM so Coinbase takes notice.

Voted sircoinbase.PNG



I'm in!!
スクリーンショット 2018-10-12 00.10.51.png

I did this a few days ago after hearing @meno talking about it, so now steem is on my coinbase watch feed.



Hi Dan, great initiative, lets STEEM up the Coinbase 🙂

This is mine


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already done

I really like your support for community!

I said I would do it and here it is 😉 34 now. Let's keep pushing it up ❤️ so many active users here I think we can get it to the top 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank You for supporting this initiative and jumping in. This is what I love to see in the community. 😀Screenshot_20181011-140934.jpg

Heyo! I'm glad to catch this opportunity to help STEEM more. Thanks for this initiative!

Thank you for this, Dan!

Great news for us Voted for steemit sir @theycallmedan

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Dan... I mean Done! ;-)



One star for Steem. All stars for Steem community.


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스크린샷 201810-12 오전 10.16.36.png

Great job. Let's get it on!!

Hope coinbase will list our lovely STEEM

Great idea! I did it the other day, but here's my screenshot :)

Steem Price on Coinbase 11-10-18



Great initiative! Would be amazing to have Steem on coinbase!

I did what you said above!! You are doing great for STEEM :)

Here we go with our vote.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 04.38.01.png

Hope they'll add steem!

Screenshot_20181011-085928.png 😁Done

Voted for Steem, this is a great idea! I'll do the same once I get more followers lol
10-11-2018 8-59-14 AM.png

I might be double dipping, but I wanted to let you know I did my part:



I starred Steem and ONLY Steem - I de-starred the defaults!!! :)

Hello star!

Coinbase Steem.PNG

Bye-bye star!!


Thanks @theycallmedan ,
I already done that on @therealwolf post!
So iam resteeming your post.


Screenshot 2018-10-11 13.31.36.png

Here's my entryScreenshot_20181010-232305.png

Just Gave a star
coinbase upvote.png

Voted for STEEM!

I asked also in the help desk if they could list STEEM:


I logged into coinbase to support STEEM, but no stars. I'm writing them an email discussing STEEM.


Star Steem To The Moon👌

@theycallmedan sir, i am trying from yesterday morning but unable to do so because in my account stars are not shown. What should i do now, is there any other way, please suggest. I have to support this mission.



Send in a email to support on coinbase. I am thinking it may have to do with what country people are in, but not sure.

Voted for steemit sir @theycallmedan

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I just tried to do it, but there aren't any stars. Sorry, man. Would love to get it listed.



hey, @themanwithnoname.

I can't see the stars either. Sounds like there's a lot of us who can't. I've tried every browser I have (three) and none of them works. I haven't tried Explorer/Edge yet. I wonder why Coinbase would show some users the page with stars and not others, since it doesn't appear to be browser based. Someone thought they might testing it, but that doesn't make much sense to me. It's not something you really need to demo, is it?


I'm not sure what's going on with it. I can't imagine that it's discriminating against Steem users. Although stranger things have happened. Sorry you could do it either. It would be really nice if we were able to get Steem right from Coinbase though. It would make bringing money in much easier.


I agree. So much so I jumped right on it. Cleared my entire schedule for that two minutes and everything. :)

But, alas, thwarted again. Personally, I think Coinbase is out to get me. My contributions through them are way too pitiful as far as they're concerned and they're letting me know they are not at all pleased.

It will be sweet though, if/when it happens. I'd consider it a major boost to STEEM's allure, appeal, adoption, etc., as well as just being so much more convenient to buy it. It would feel normal.

Hey. I'd like to buy some STEEM.

Certainly, sir, how much would you like?

Instead of:

I'd like some STEEM. Is that okay?

Well, it depends. First, you need to buy something like Bitcoin. Then you need to send that off to another exchange to buy the STEEM because we don't do that here. Hold your breath while that transaction takes place.


Ha ha, you've been through the process, so you know how labor intensive it can be. That's to say nothing of how nerve-wracking it can be while you wait for all those transactions to go through. It would be much easier if you could just go straight from the exchange to your account.

I forgot that Coinbase charges fees. They can actually be quite excessive if you're buying in small enough amounts. Makes me more thankful for Steem's lack of transaction fees. Coinbase is 0.05% above market rate for the coin, plus they charge a fee that is normally around 4% of the total. It all adds up.


Thank you! I appreciate the vote and what you're doing to help get Steem listed. It would likely help the price considerably.


Great initiative, for me the star doesn't show yet, but I'll keep an eye on it.
This post is feature on my daily news (in Chinese :D) for today, hope more Steemians will come vote for Steem!

Have a good day!

Watching and waiting.
Hopefully we can see €6 again soon.

upvote or not, this is a great initiative! Coinbase + Steem = <3

starredand tweeted

Voted for steem :)

Steem up to 32nd!


Cheers! let's get it top ten!

Voted for STEEM!

Posted on Twitter too:

I wrote a short post about it and then I saw yours.
WoW we all are thinking the same way.


I looked into two browsers (IE and Chrome), no way to see or click the star.
Cool beans!


Done ! i maked star on that .
steem vote.JPG

you got it man

I just Voted for STEEM

I grab my star on coinbase for STEEM, hurray! 🙌💯🚀🎉


Nice, I also voted on coinbase. Let's show how strong our community is.

This would be very good news. I've 'starred' STEEM on Coinbase and will try to get involved in the blast too 👍🏽

I use bittrex for exchange, I create new one
Here is screenshot

stars showing for me


No stars for me, but I sent an email requesting Steem!

Hi, @theycallmedan ,,I am A New Writer here... and i really liked this Initiative..!! Here's my proof of signing up:)


Nice, welcome to Steemit!

nice idea.
Let's do it.

Coinbase (1).png

Let's go Steem ★ I voted

I've also done this.

Voted for STEEM


Voted for steem. yay!


Just did a blog about it! Let's take that action! 😎


I also support this.


Screenshot (168).png

I think the issue with people not seeing the "stars" have something to do with Coinbase not supporting buys or transactions in some countries. So probably geographic problems? :)

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Maybe, I am unsure. The star did not show for me and I emailed them a few days ago, still waiting on a reply.


I don't know when the folks will understand steem is not only built for STEEMIT. Description on coinbase only indicates steemit as a platform for using steem. Can some one get it fixed?

About Steem
Steem is a cryptocurrency built for Steemit, a blockchain-based social media platform. Users who create and curate content on Steemit can get rewarded with Steem for their work.

voted for visibility.

Amazing! Thank you so much for supporting the initiative!


Thanks for the idea!

Many more steem users on my whatsapp... I have to share!