Another day of clearing rubbish from a coastal path with @cleanplanet. Today we find an unusable fishing net!

in cleanplanet •  5 months ago

Early video today as I was up at the crack of dawn. Had a couple of cups of tea and then right off to the beach path. Here I collected a stack more discarded rubbish and an unusable fishing net.

Though after cleaning more up today. The path is looking better than it was and there is still more to be collected and disposed of properly.

I encourage everyone to check out @cleanplanet for more details on their global environmental initiative.

Until next time.

Take care,


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Really good video again @intrepidsurfer !
You are really activ man for the cleaning of Planet.
Upvoted 100% by @cleanplanet
We hope one day reward as dtube ... but not for the moment !
You get point as "cleaner" for cleantoken at SMTs...
Keep it up
See you soon using cleanplanet tag


All in good time and you will get there. I am telling lots of others to participate in this initiative.

Right on! Ugh, and the fishing net! I'm so glad you caught that. The breaking bucket, I've found that kinda thing too, and I'm nowhere near the ocean, but it can still get into the rivers via the storm drains and there is almost always a lot plugging up the storm drains.


Yeah so am I. Someone must of just dumped in the last day or so. What a waste and a terrible place to dispose of it.

Plastic is everywhere :( Not only picking up. I am trying to make a concerted effort to consume less of it in the first place.

I really like the @cleanplanet initiative. As anyone can participate, network and potentially get rewarded (on many levels) for it. A good use for the community to get behind.


Does it need to be a video to count? I don't like touching my phone or Kindle while I'm handling dirty garbage, so when I do a #litterwalk I usually just take a photo at the end of all that I picked up. The last time I did one, I used the #cleanplanet tag and they didn't accept it.


I don't think it must be a video. Though if it is a video it gets way more exposure and increases the chances of more upvotes.

I know there are certain rules, like stating the date, picking up the rubbish and then disposing of it in a rubbish bin.

Well that's what I do :)

Thanks sir for supporting cleanplanet.iI have support you by upvote.although my upvote value is


Don't worry @certain as every vote added together is far stronger :)


Thanks sir.for giving such an idea.

great & impressive


thank you. You should do it too.

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