Pre-caffeine trash clearance on the way to the beach with @cleanplanet

in cleanplanet •  5 months ago

Got to love an early morning. Though I do like to start the day with some caffeine and in my case: in the form of tea, sugar and milk.

This morning for some reason the local shops were all closed and I couldn't get any sugar. There is usually one open at the crack of dawn. So instead of hovering around, I decided to burn some time by checking out the surf and picking up some trash on the way.

To be honest, every time I walk here, I am seeing less and less trash strewn around the local environment. This is a great thing and I wish this was being replicated everywhere.

Big big shout to the @cleanplanet crew for running this initiative and I recommend you check them out.

See you later for the Steem surf photo giveaway voting vlog,


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Upvoted 100% by @cleanplanet
An other one proof by video - you are a great person !
Keep it up !
If everyone could do his cleanplanet !!!!
See you


thank you @cleanplanet :) even if just a few more did this. It would be huge.

Extraordinary its publication @intrepidsurfer !!!, it would be great for all of us to take initiatives like these wherever we go, so we would be contributing to the conservation of the environment in which we live, giving the opportunity to nature to show us its wonders ... Every human being should have moments of action in this way and assume the responsibility that we have regarding the care of the environment, promoting all kinds of activities that lead us to act in favor of it, since after all it is the place where that we develop as human beings, what we observe in him is the reflection of what we are both externally and internally ... My respects to @cleanplanet for such a beautiful and important work !!!


We can all do our part and together we will have a great impact.