Biggest Update on's Quest to Help Venezuelans so Far! Where Will Funds Raised Go?

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Hey guys! Today I'd like to bring you some updates regarding where we are in terms of the progress of the charity. Firstly, let me show you a video recorded by @reinaldoverdu about the daily life in Venezuela. This video was recorded at my request and used with permission.

Click here for @reinaldoverdu's full article and the daily life of a Venezuelan

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Venezuelan Steemians in need
  • Venezuelan distributors
  • Current promotions
  • Sponsors
  • Delegators
  • How will contest funds be split?
  • Need help, funds or support?

Introduction is a new charity that I started less than a week ago. I created this to help raise awareness and help the situation in Venezuela, but why you may ask? I have talked to some Venezuelans about their situation and it's truly horrible. The hyperinflation experienced in their country has made their money pretty much worthless, and through no fault of their own, many are now left living in poverty, going hungry every day, waking up crying and uncertain whether they will be able to survive another week.

Venezuelans in need

The primary aim will be to of course help Venezuelans afford basic necessities such as food, medicine and clothing, with an extra emphasise on those who can't actually afford technology. After discovering the truly horrific conditions many are living in, I realised that these are the "fortunate ones". These are the people who can actually afford the technology to be on Steemit, while many out there are living on the streets, scavenging for food from trash shamelessly.

Venezuelan distributors

This is why before the funds have even been raised, I have found two trusted Venezuelans to help distribute food.

One is @drmaizo, a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon and someone who has already helped many Venezuelans by distributing food and giving free medical surgeries to those who can't afford them.

Another is @reinaldoverdu. I've known Reinaldo for a while now, first meeting him on Steemit probably around a month ago. He was actually the one who first educated me about the economic situation and corruption in Venezuela. I have personally contributed around 5 Steem to @reinaldoverdu, which isn't much to us but for him, it's food for weeks.

He will be a beneficiary and a distributor of funds. He made a very detailed and graphic article detailing the daily life of a Venezuelan here, check it out if you'd like to see for yourself their conditions, this article is the same as the article mentioned at the start.

These distributors will be helping those around them who don't have access to Steemit, thus not having the ability to earn or be rewarded on Steemit even if they wanted to be.

I will always be looking for more trustworthy, active distributors. If you'd like to be one, please leave a comment or contact me on Discord (cryptoeater#5209)

Current Promotions

We have one going on right now, which is a 25 Steem Monsters booster packs raffle! There have only been ~1.5 Steem worth of entries, the packs themselves are worth over 27 Steem right now! Our goal is to raise 50 Steem from this!

How to Enter

  1. Send 0.1 Steem or 0.14 SBD PER TICKET to (all funds sent to this account will be used for charity)
  2. Include in the memo how many tickets you wish to buy
  3. You may purchase tickets more than once, and you may purchase more than one at a time!
  4. For example, you could send 1 Steem and say "10 tickets"

The Prizes

  • First: 12 packs
  • Second: 6 packs
  • Third: 4 packs
  • Fourth: 2 packs
  • Fifth: 1 pack


Of course, we are always looking for sponsors. @crypto.piotr has offered to help us raise some funds, which is incredibly nice and generous of him because he came to US offering to help, this was before we even asked for help!

We are also talking with others who may potentially be interested to help.

If you'd like to form some sort of parnership, or sponsor our charity in some way or form, feel free to leave a comment of contact me on my Discord cryptoeater#5209

Delegators will be looking for delegations soon. I plan on setting up some auto upvotes for known Venezuelans who need support. This will help generate a guaranteed source of income for many, creating a sense of certainty that they will be able to eat, provided they post quality articles on Steemit.

Of course, people on our auto upvote list will have to show that they are genuinely from Venezuela, produce quality content and continue to produce quality content after they have been selected to be put on the auto upvote list.

This initiative will start later, and we will be giving out more details in later posts. We're simply looking for an expression of interest in terms of delegation as of now!

How will the contest funds be split?

As mentioned before, they will be split between individuals on Steemit who need help, and distributors.
The exact ratio and exact number of people are not known yet.

Need help, support or funds?

If you're from Venezuela and need help, we'd be happy to review your case!

Whether you'd like to form a partnership, become a beneficiary or distributor, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Discord (cryptoeater#5209).

Please follow as future updates will likely come from that account

This will be the first time I'm trying to push a post onto Trending! Hopefully this will bring more awareness for the charity!

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I´m from Venezuela and work on politics, this is a dire situation for our country where SOCIALISM led to economic disaster to a country that has lots of natural resources and very preparated people.

Nowday many people fled the country, usually from countries the people that migrates are the ones with low education and few resources seeking better chances on richier countries, but nowday in Venezuela we are one of the most qualified migrant in the world, but usually fleeing from poverty they has to work on underpaid jobs on other countries.

for example i´m a University Degree on International Politics, also i have 2 postgrades and engaged into my magister; but if i ever find a job into regular job market, let say analist or even director in a company or a public office, the wage would be around 2-3 dolars a month, when the MOST basic food consuption (if able because the inflation and shortage) will be around 50 usd (where a family basic food basket would be around 100 to 120 usd).

So for a profesional worker, going to work represent itself a miss to their own economy and even it´s better not to going to work; you save the messy public traffic, eating outside your home and the crime that´s out of control. Imagine how harder it´s for labour and more practical or tecnical jobs?

We are facing the destruction of the said mid-class and even the way of life of the venezuelan, forcing many to leave the country just with what they have, we are facing exctintion of our own nation in our borders since the country it´s running out of one of their best part, and even people try to keep fighting against that the political represion goes over everybody without distinction.

We are a brave people fighting, maybe the greatests challenge we ever face as country and i really appreciate what you do for us that are in need.

we could conclude they want to eliminate us from the equation at any cost to use and abuse our nation resources. this could happen to any country that receives the scourging promise of socialism.

This is not the first time we face tyranny, and will not be the last we shall endure, Triumphant!

thanks for all @cryptoeater We shall be grateful with those who lend a hand to us in the direst of time.



Well said, the situation is indeed very dire.

I will try my best to raise funds for your country, feel free to contact me on Discord if you'd like to discuss!

( I realised you've already added me haha)


not very good at discord, but there. Thanks for the add. @cryptoeater


Well said, @luisjoeyf, our country needs as much help as possible, not only from professionals but from the common citizen and from everyone who has difficulties and who can lend all their effort to support us all who seek a change and offer opportunities to improve life. I hope you join the cause, and you know you can contact me to talk, lend and receive support. I hope that many people from other states join the cause and we can achieve many great things.

I just sent 1 Steem to your account, but couldn't write a memo on it -- I would like for it to be applied to 10 ticket entries.

Great project!


Thank you for your support! Your entry has been noted :)

This is extremely kind. Thanks to for the initiative


You're welcome @tobah!


SPER COOL! Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas and allowing us a chance to participate too. Congratulations on this successful initiative too.

Namaste :)


Thanks! But it's not actually successful yet, it's actually just started :)

If you'd like to help in any way, feel free to donate to or contact me on Discord!


thanks for your will to help a nation at his direst situation.


We arejoining forces to help, I hope you join @luisjoeyf

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Hola... Ni te imaginas lo que hemos llegado a hacer para sobrevivir, y lo poco que falta, digo poco porque los brazos de la muerte cada día están más cerca que los de Morpheo... En cualquier instante se extingue mi luz, así como la de cientos, a diario... Ay mi Venezuela cuanto te amo, mi tierra, tus mares, ríos, montañas, lagos , tus Andes, tus llanos, tu fauna, mi tierra grande.

Hello ... You can not imagine what I have done to survive, and what I do not lack, I say little because the arms of death are closer every day than Morpheo's ... At any moment my light is extinguished , as well as hundreds, a newspaper ... Ay my Venezuela how much I love you, my land, your mares, rivers, mountains, lakes, your Andes, your plains, your fauna, my big land.


@reinaldoverdu please help me translate!!




He done it pal! :D

Actually we are fortunate that we can have access to this platform, isn’t easy in this conditions. I would like to help as a distributor, I'am Venezuelan. I know I have needs, but I've seen people worse off than me, looking for food from the garbage. What a good initiative, it's very noble of you.


Thank you! Do you have Discord? If you do please add me at cryptoeater#5209


Yes, I have, when discord will open, I will search you.


Hope you will join to our project @betza, keep n touch with us.

Hello @cryptoeater how are you, all the aid projects for Venezuela are welcome, I am sure that the vast majority of steemians do not know what it means for many steemit Venezuelans, I have seen people who have managed to emigrate thanks to steemit, and as the case of @reinaldoverdu I know hundreds are not to say thousands of Venezuelans who are fed thanks to steemit, I would like to get more beneficiaries, it is not a secret that support for the post of our native language (Spanish) is little and are initiatives like yours will get many people to stop starving in Venezuela, I would like to be a Venezuelan distributors, although currently I do not live on steemit if I see this platform as a job and I would like to grow to have a stronger base to emigrate if our economy does not change, soon I will make a post detailing the consumption and the average income of a Venezuelan so that it is understood how bad we are


Hi! Please contact me on Discord to discuss being a distributor. My Discord username is cryptoeater#5209


In deed, we need more people trough all the states of Venezuela, feel free to talk with me too at whatsapp @hendersonp so we can coordinate efforts trough :)

Thanks for the help @cryptoeater. I am sure we will get support for this noble cause, and get support from many important steemians. Togheter we can help!. I am proud of you and our project, lets continue working togheter for help all this people on need.

Supporting here this kind initiative toward my country in dire needs.

@CalabozoCriollo Supports @cryptoeater .

Logo Calabozo 2018.png

Hello, @crytoeater we are still waiting for your initiative and as a Venezuelan, grateful for your kindness, dedication and generosity, I wish you the best that life has to give. Thank you

Dando apoyo aqui al amigo @reinaldoverdu estuvo haciendo un gran y peligroso trabajo de investigaciòn para llevarnos todos los detalles de lo que se vive en un barrio en Venezuela.

Al amigo de Venezuela @cryptoeater que trata de llevar ayuda muchisimas gracias algunos la estan pasando muy mal.

Giving support here to the friend @ reinaldoverdu was doing a great and dangerous research work to bring us all the details of what is lived in a neighborhood in Venezuela.

To the friend of Venezuela @cryptoeater who tries to bring help many thanks, some are having a hard time.


Gracias mi amiga por apoyar estas iniciativas que harán de nuestra vida y país un mejor lugar para vivir!

Thanks my friend for supporting these initiatives that will make our life and country a better place to live!

Gracias a ti que nos trajiste la realidad a nuestras pantallas


@sacra97 siempre tratando de hacer un buen trabajo para uds. 😀

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You can not imagine how grateful I am with this type of initiative, when I came to steemit it was to open doors that I have closed in this country (I live in Venezuela). But do not imagine that there were so many people with awareness of our situation and desire to help us, it fills me with hope and I am sure that not only me but the thousands of Venezuelans who are on this platform.


Thanks for your kind words! One of the aims of this initiative is to not only help those who are on the platform, but also distribute to those who can't afford to be on here!

I applaud this initiative, my friend @cryptoeater, it is really incredible that the crisis we are living here in Venezuela I do not want anyone, steemit has been a great help for many of us as you say we are fortunate to have access to technology (although the internet here it is slow and fails a lot) I would like to be a distributor and help as much as possible, I will contact you by discord


Thank you for showing your interested! I will choose distributors once my exam is over! I'm very overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interest for distributors this is generating!


I hope you do well in your exams, and thanks for your time and effort to help us, I'm attentive to what you need

That's good @cryptoeater, it's a great help for the community of Venezuela. There are many people in need of any kind of help because here you can not buy more than the food of the day to day or what you can get from your pocket. It is a great initiative. Congratulations.

I want to take the boldness to introduce you to a Venezuelan @bigdude who is changing the lives of many people with his Dudeland project, at the moment he is carrying out a fundraising campaign for the purchase of new shoes that will be given to street children, He has already delivered 59 pairs of shoes and continues to work hard to achieve his goal.

The communities and institutions that have been supported by the Dudeland Project (Land of Friends) have benefited from donations of food, school supplies, books, kitchen supplies, shoes for the little ones.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 9.22.42 PM(1).jpeg


I know he is a very responsible boy and he needs the support of all of us, it would be a joy if you could help him with his donations. Sure, if you want it.

I hope you continue to bring happiness to Venezuelans who need it most.

Here you can see the last donation of the friend @bigdude:



This is perfect! This is exactly what I'm looking for to help fund!
Does he have Discord? If he does, tell him to add me at cryptoeater#5209 :)


Thank you very much for replying, I told you, to write to you. @cryptoeater

This is a great opportunity to continue helping our Venezuelan brothers and sisters, we will do everything we can to make more and more people join this good cause. Thank you for your trust @cryptoeater, then we will publish the donation process as it should be.

As a proud venezuelan starting on Steemit I can confirm for all other Steemit users from different countries that the situations here explained are even worse than what it looks like. Just so you can calculate on your own the venezuelan minimum wage is less than 3$. I've seen a lot of my people here on Steemit trying to survive posting high quality content.

@cryptoeater I want to help



I understand it must be very hard for you all in Venezuela, and I appreciate your interest. Do you have Discord? We can discuss more about being a distributor!


I do have it, how can I contact you?


hi @cryptoeater

thank you for mentioning my name. I appreciate.

Ive been thinking that the best would be to talk/write as little as possible about politics. This is the easiest way to get in trouble.

Perhaps it's best to focus on supporting those people in need, but without bringing politics into the picture (or at least as little as possible).

What do you think ?


Extraordinary work, leaving my support.

During my time at Steemit I have learned a lot and this has changed the way I see things, everything arrives in its moment no matter the time or the place everything depends on the opportunities that may arise and the capacity we have for take advantage of 100%.

We can build a tower of ideas and turn them into reality, if we focus on what we want it sounds like something that only happens in movies but the truth is that in Steemit dreams can come true, with motivation and vision to the future to achieve what we want.

Within Steemit there are endless projects that have great ideas, others that are in full growth as well as some projects with more humanitarian purposes that really leave the name of steemit at the top of the world filling the entire community with pride . These projects generate enough energy in this platform to continue working on innovative projects. This brings a great responsibility, since our most loyal followers are waiting for good content and ideas that can help us grow as a group and we can share this knowledge with the other users that make up the Steemit family. @cryptoeater

Congratulations @cryptoeater!
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What happens to non Venezuelans who would have love to be a part of this?who want to genuinely help but dont have enough upvote or steem power or steem.
Thanks for sharing

StillElisedaniels...Love for the Gospel.

I would love to join and help the people in Venezuela but being a minnow I don’t really have anything to contribute besides my upvote that is worth dust.

Awesome, super happy to see someone proactively making change in the world. Is there anything that you need help with?

#upvoted and #followed


Hi @metame, you can help resteeming and maybe delegating some sp to, that will help for sure on my opinion. And you cant chat via discord with @cryptoeater or with me, my id is Reinaldo#7816