in cats •  6 months ago

Cats are ready for Helloween and thats their special look :P Now dont ask me where I got that photo from, because I dont remember. I didnt took that photo, but just sharing it, because it is a bit special. Whether they are real cats or ghosts, I dont know. But you can decide for yourself :P
They are 13 cats, but tomorrow is Friday the 12th, so dont worry :D



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Thank you! Happy Early Halloween :D


to you too :)

Oh my looks like the invasion has started. :-)


Yep! Hide your cars :P

That is an amazing photo @hanen! Whether they are real cats, or not... I am not sure. But if it was a cold night, and the car drove recently, they might all be sitting there because it was warm to sit on.



Well thats a good explanation. I thought how come 13 cats sit together in one place without a fight hhhh

Scary ...


What you wanna do, when they come for you :P

Halloween is right now :)


Then stay indoors :P