Today's Weed News for September 21th 2018 #MICHIGAN

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For today's weed news we go to the great state of Michigan.

Voters in Michigan are all but ready to legalize recreational trees in their state come November. While that is definitely a very good thing and for sure something virtually all cannabis users look forward to, the state's proposed legalization bill leaves out a crucial aspect of true cannabis legalization.

And that aspect is protection for employees from being discriminated against in their place of work for coming up positive for weed on random work-mandated drug tests.

Even though an employee could be doing a fantastic job at work, he or she still risks being legally fired should they be found to have cannabis metabolites in their urine.

Although that seems illogical as hell, and not at all in line with the true meaning of legalization (at least in my interpretation), it turns out that Michigan is not an exception when it comes to this issue at all. In fact, the states that have laws on the books protecting employees who legally consume cannabis, only do so for medical cannabis patients. There are no states that extend these protections to recreational users.

If weed and alcohol are supposed to be treated the same in places with recreational cannabis laws on the books, how come nobody is breathalyzing employees as they walk in the door on the Monday morning?

This does not seem fair at all.

Some believe that this issue would be solved if the federal government decided to reschedule, decriminalize and legalize cannabis on a national level.

I agree and feel that there is enough information about cannabis at this point to invalidate the fed's argument that cannabis has no medical uses and is a dangerous substance.

Unfortunately, as long as Jeff Sessions is in charge of the Department of Justice, there seems to be virtually no indication that cannabis will be rescheduled.

But with Canada about to legalize, South Africa just having legalized and Mexico's new president being very vocal about his support for cannabis legalization in his country, maybe the United States will get with the program sooner than later and stop this madness once and for all.

For some reason I still hope that that is an actual possibility and that we will soon see the day when cannabis is no longer a schedule 1 substance and people who use cannabis responsibly outside of their workplace will be allowed to do so and even protected by the government when smoking cannabis at home.

That's why we, the cannabis consumers of America need to keep pushing and taking action every chance we get to make true legalization a reality here in the good old US of A.

And that's what's up in Michigan.


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston



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