I NEED HELP! Can I sell my Byteball Wallet? [Best Low Price]

in byteball •  5 months ago

Just wondering...
I am holding 11.6905 Byteball coins which are on the smart contract and will be available to sell on a exchange next year in June or so. The price of Byteball was at one point around 1000$ per coin, and as much as I would like to hold on to them, I can't.

Can I send the Byteball to other smart contract address? Or can I sell the wallet somehow?
If that's possible and if anyone wants it, I'm ready to sell them off at a discount price because I really need some cash on my hands like ASAP

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You can withdraw it after 1 years. Backup your phrase and uninstall it later again install it and withdraw them.

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I can't wait another 10 months :) Because I need some money..

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