The Power of Financial Investment

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Getting rich/being successful is not as unattainable as many people see it

You don't need a huge amount

You don't even need to put in too much time

One of the things i have learnt since i got to know about crypto-currency is the power of investing, this may sound obvious as i say it but if you do something small repeatedly, it will accrue greatly as time goes on, YES it sounds like you know already but not everyone put it into practice.

It is like putting in some cash that you are supposed to spend having fun with friends. People who put in just $10 into Bitcoin investment around June-July in 2017, by December of same year they made over $100, that is worth something. There is nothing wrong with starting small, it is far far better than spending it on things that give you pleasure.

The goal of investing is to build wealth over time and to generate income to meet needs. It is ok to save but investing adds more value to you. Investing is a way to nurture your savings giving them the best opportunity to go further, where something small grows bigger.


1. To earn higher returns

2. To expand business

3. To reach financial goals

4. To grow your money

5. To save for retirement

6. To support others

I added the 6th point because i have heard on several occasions that people invest in other people's business to support and make them grow. If you look at it critically, you will understand that most of them have gone pass that level of investing but they do because they want to help.

Investing allows you to put your money where you will get a good or high return, though there are disadvantages of investing and there are possibilities that you may loose your money if you don't plan or choose well but if you don't risk it you are missing out on opportunities that will increase your financial worth.

Invest today for a better tomorrow

Till i come your way next time

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Motivational blog . You are absolutely right, without taking risk one cannot find his goal


There is need to take the risk. Thanks for stopping by

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