Boomerang Update - Node problems - refunds latest on Monday

in boomerang •  last year

Hello dear customers,

we switched this week to a new server. In the past few weeks some Nodes expierenced problems or have been changed. This is also the case with the Steemit Node which had some problems and made some changes in the past hour.

Because of this, till we manage to fix the errors, @boomerang WILL NOT run smoothly. All the refunds, missed votes and payments will be processed latest tomorrow, on Monday.

Thank you for the understanding!

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Hey @boomerang
You didn't make an upvote which i paid for.

Thanks a lot. You're in my blacklist now.


Wow wish I would have seen this before.. He just took MY SBD w/ no upvote:(


I've also lost 1.5 steem a few days ago and no reply or contact or returns; won't use him again

WARNING: Be careful when you use this bot. I sent 1.5 SBD and got only 1.20 vote..


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!


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i am still awaiting for my 3SDB upvote , is this how you communicate with your customers? @boomerang


Forget your 3SBD, @boomerang missed votes and doesn't refund. Like many users who commented here. I have sent memo via transfer and left numerous comments. Nothing. It's been 3 weeks now.


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Whoops I made a mistake.... .... I sent 1.5 SBD to @boomrang ... made a typo


Hi @boomerang what is the current APR if i delegate my steem power to boomerang bot?


APR is really unstable at the moment, the bot get stuck from time to time, something to do with node problem according to this post. For example, missed 4 rounds (4x2.5 hours) in a row the day before yesterday, it means no return for those rounds.

Sent one that did'nt go


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Transfer 8.000 SBD to boomerang

NO VOTE REGISTERED? Please refund or vote. 2 days old!

Hello... Is it possible to have a refund. I have sent 8 sdb and received only 3 sdb vote on this post:
Transaction link :

Hi @boomerang your bot got stuck on a infinite loop. :)

Hi sent 1.5 steem today, 7 hours ago but still haven't got the vote.

Hello, @boomerang. I send you 1.5 SBD and memo of your last bid.But you can't upvote me.Please refund.



Please see attached.... I sent 2 SBD to @boomerang at 28-04-2018 and did not receive an Upvote...

thanks in advance


Immer noch kein Eingang!

Please see attached.... I sent 2 SBD to @boomerang and did not receive an Upvote...

thanks in advance

Nie wieder.

Ein paar mal nachgefragt und nie eine Antwort bekommen. Einfach frech.

Es gibt bessere Bots.

Please see attached.... I sent 2 SBD 9 hours ago and did not receive an Upvote...

Hello, I transferred 2 SBD today 2018-04-28 , but didn't get an upvote !!!

thanks in advance


4 days gone, i didn't got vote and was not refunded as well .
Please check.
My post link-


This comment has received a 0.16 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @sourovafrin.

Я отправила вам 2 sbd, получила $2,46 upvote??? Почему так???

I sent 35sbd, got a 16$ vote. BIG ROI.
that mistake i think.


I also have similar problem. !!! I have sent 5 SBD. but just got $2.62.
and then not registerd in round list.
What`s happening about this fucking bot. !! ???


That's bug I'm sure on it. When we sent the moeny, we join to the round. But we didnot see it. Nobody see the money will sent.
I will try contact with the bot, but he has not discord :(


I hope this is just bug.

Are you fucking kidding me, a $2 upvote for a $4 bid?


I also have same problem. What`s happening about this bot ???


They are scammers, thieves low life scum.


Is this not a bot mistake?? damm it !!!
How can we refund ??? ㅠㅠㅠ
@boomerang,!!! you must expain about this situation.


we should all complain to the owner of steembottracker for his this scam. I also send him 9.82 and receive 4.80 Upvote from this bullshit scammer


Time to come together and change this then, I am not going to stop until this is sorted out!

hello sir me send 3 steem your server is promblem you are not upvoted my post plz sir check


We refunded your bid. There was a node problem and not all bids have been read. We are not 24 hours online, so it might take some time till we solve the issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Regards @boomerang I'v sent 3.5 steem for this link and nothing appeared yet. I wanted to let you know. Hope everything is fine. Regards

20sbd and 17$ vote? what happened with it?

hello @boomerang. I have sent 5 SBD, but I just got $2.62 upvote.
What`s happening ? please explain about this situation.
If you cannot upvote, I want to refund.

hi sir,

i was sending wrong link by mistake
please do return my 1.5 sbd so that i can bid it again

thank u sir


Hi. You missed mine. Sent you 1.50 SBD but didn't push thru. Please check


@boomerang I already send the 2.005 sbd in 11 hours ago but you did not upvote.please refund my sbd or upvote my post. Thank you
My post

@boomerang kindly review it.
kindly refund my amount or give me vote of equal amount atleast
don't spam.
no last round detail 5 min remaining and bot disapear and just 1.44$ upvote in 1.5 steem
what is this ?


screen shot with details in the image review it

Hi I sent in earlier today and didn't receive a vote. was the post I requested for. I was wondering if I could get a vote or refund, Thanks.



it would appear I have created the world's smallest picture.

Hi friend
Follow me

sir i will be send 3 sbd in 13 hours ago your did not upvote please refund my sbd or upvote my post


wait for monday

I sent you a bid about 3 hours ago but I didn't get any upvote. Please refund my 1.50 steem. Post link


We refunded your bid. There was a node problem and not all bids have been read. We are not 24 hours online, so it might take some time till we solve the issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Hello i send you 1.5sbd where is youre vote???

Hi @boomerang ,

I think you should stop this voting service. If you can't do something, don't try to do it.

There are lots of people who wants refund back below.

And one more here, I didn't receive upvote for this bid, can you please refund me, thanks.



I have sent but you have not raised the vote yet....

i have not get upvote .. please recover ...

thank you @bumerang,atas informasinya saya akan mencoba megirim bot kepada anda,berapa minimal nya.

@boomerang, what the hell you are doing with us, you looting our money. I send you 9.821 SBD for My Post and received 4.80 Vote from You .. Is it fair. I am going to complain your to the owner of steembottracker for your this behavior.

I don't recive UPVOTE I sent you 1.6SBD before 23 hour please refund my sbd or UPVOTE here is post link

HI @bommerang
I have a friend that consider delegating 4000sp. But we wonder how the return income will be on this and how it works? Best regards @EveryDayCoach616B1DC3-4889-410F-ACF5-B85FB3A3AB03.jpeg

thank you for letting us know this, regards

thank you for the information that has been given and it is very useful for us

hi @boomerang send you a wrong memo with 10 sbd, can you return it please Untitledhu.png


Hi @boomerang.
I send you 1.5 SBD, but I didn't get any upvote from you.
So, please refund my SBD.

hi @boomerang ..?
kindly tell how to get more upvotes from you???

I sent you 1.5 SBD to upvote my post more than an hour ago but I never got an upvote. This was the post in question: Please either upvote or refund my SBD

Hi @boomerang.I send 1.50 SBD.But the upvotem did not come.

thanks for post and share

Hey @boomerang... I have a lot of delegation with you, but no payouts in 4 days now... What's going on?

Ich habe es wieder geschafft ins Vote Loch zu fallen :)

to boomerang schamangerbert 2.000 SBD 2018-04-02, 21:05

Where is votes

thank you for your information @boomerang us as your users understand with your problem.. thanks.

Problem Resolved! Thank you. Seems Like Steem was also down.

Hey just wanted to let you know, your last round bids either got moved to this round, or something is messed up with the bot. You may want to take a look. A 1.50 refund would be greatly appreciated if I am seeing that right. Thanks!

Whats up?!

2 hours ago Transfer 3.000 SBD from anton-kostroma

Almost empty window and only
"This post has received a 4.46 % upvote from @boomerang."

Whats wrong?

Please, unvote and blacklist this user and post.

It is untagged nsfw (gore against a little child) and tagged "funny". That is FUBAR.

Please, do something. Thank you

nice post....

hi boomerang i send 1.5 sbd and did not get an upvote for my below post

Hi boomerang, how much max transfer?

The bot is stuck again! Everyone after @gaara should be on the next round of voting... the bot stayed at 100% and collected more bids after @gaara.... Why???


Same here, I sent 5 sbd and it got stuck and lost all vote data and now does nothing. Very frustrating, please refund!

Untitleddfd.pngplz upvote my post i send you 10 steems but you dont my post Untitled111.png
plz upvote my post link given below or refund my 10 steem thanks
link of my post


We refunded your bid. There was a node problem and not all bids have been read. We are not 24 hours online, so it might take some time till we solve the issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi @boomerang, I paid 5 sbd earlier today and didn't get an upvote, could you please rectify it? Ideally refund please thanks.

i am trying to delegate to the bot but I have no idea how to do it. I normally see delegate in my wallet but no more and I sent steem and it was sent back . Can you please send me a link or something to assist. Also i tried through steemconnect but they were asking for permission to vote for me and i did not want that. please help. thanks

Guys, sry to bother you but if I may ask - how come I am waiting 3 hours prolonged for your bot to vote on my work? :(

I send you 1.5 sbd you are not upvote my post. plezz refund my sbd.

@boomerang I have sent you 1.5 SBD for upvote my post
But you didn't upvote my post

Plz refund my 1.5 SBD or upvote my post

Here is my posts link

Dear Sir nice post. Which type of nodes. And say me about what is nodes.....

Did you recieve my bid?

hello @boomerang, You did not upvote my post in current round so kindly refund my bid 4.571 SBD. Thanks.

I think you missed this one.... could I get a refund if no Upvote...

Update: My mistake — I typed @boomrang... lost my 1.5 SBD



Update: My mistake. I typed @Boomrang

sent you 1.5 SBD and did not get an upvote. please check trx-id: 8af19d4b427eeabf46e0a886052fef0f7c936092

Hello @boomerang is your node working well now?. It's well past Monday and we haven't yet gotten any feedback upvote or refund.



I sent 2sbd Monday for this post
But i never got a upvote or a refund. Please look into it. Thanks.

Hello there. I made a mistake sending high. I'm glad you helped me.

Edit: Thank you.

how can I make the payment?

thanks for share this news.

Hi there. I have been using your bot and am happy with it. However, today I transferred 4.036SBD and I did not receive my upvote...

Can this be rectified please..
No upvote.jpg


I just received a refund now... Thank you for the prompt refund and support... I look forward to using your service again..

6 gün önce 1.500 sbd aktarımı yaptım geri verin lütfen

I sent 1.5 SBD 6 hours ago and i haven't received any vote from you.
Kindly provide me with my upvote or refund me please. 1.5 SBD might be little for you, but it's a big amount for me.

Here is the link:

And here is the proof: