Went out to inlet and nearly got arrested

in blog •  11 months ago

So, this morning my friend Lacey and I decided to go watch the 180+ boats competing in the Big Rock as they charged out to sea. The boats leave the Beaufort Inlet around 0530 and file out to sea in a progression. I have heard tale of what an incredible sight it is to observe. The boats competing in The Big Rock are huge vessels and literally file out in a line. Each boat valued at around 1 million USD with several thousand dollars of fuel on board. On a typical day this time of year you would see a lot of boats moving in and out of the Beaufort Inlet, but nothing to this scale.

The boats are allowed to put their lines in the water at 0900 and have to pull the lines up at 3pm.

It was difficult to capture in an image, but I did bring my camera.

We did have to park illegally, and ended up getting harassed by a park ranger who, thankfully, let us go with only a warning.

So far no boat has brought in a keeper bill fish, (400 lb or greater) but we still have several more days of the competition to go!

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That sounds pretty cool & very interesting! I hope you'll see them bringing a bigger one if you're staying there for longer :)
Hopefully the park ranger didn't ruin your day - at least he was kind enough to let you go and didn't make a big deal out of it! Enjoy the next few days of the competition!

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends