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It is very necessary to know about blockchain technology which is key to future money. Blockchain technology is a great source in future to share data peer-to-peer which makes it very secure and everyone can use it every time without suffering in server crash in no time.


This technology is a step of new world revolution and brings a great and meaningful change in computer science sector although in E-commerce because through this we can store digital data, not on servers, it works on thousands of computer.


Almost behind every cryptocurrency blockchain technology is used. This technology gives a perfect way of a transaction to its user without any tax user can take his reward. In this way no need to pay bank charges and other Government taxes.

It also provides a strong security system to its user, hackers not able to hack this blockchain technology because they can not hack each and every computer and this point make it more popular among others. This technology is very helpful for people in many other aspects.



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