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Someone just wrote what seems to be an anonymous blog post under the name traderstewie called titled- The Art of Trading--Things I've learned after 15 years of trading. This article was originally posted on October 31st 2011.

This seems to be advice for investing in the stock market, but I would argue it is still very valid information for any current or aspiring moves you make in crypto.

This blog post is just a bunch of quotes, but there is wisdom in these quotes. I'm not sharing all the quotes that this person wrote because there are a lot, but I'll talk about a few of them here and share some of my thoughts.

First quote: "Price is the only thing that matters, adapt to it, don't fight it."---- I think that this is true for the most part. Price isn't something that you can easily influence unless you hold a larger amount of fiat, BTC, etc. We have to realize that most of us can't will the price to be higher or lower overnight.

"Mental stops will ensure you an emotional trade. Don't use mental stops. You are either in the trade or not. Mental stops invite emotions."---- Mental stops can be thought of here are agreements that you make with yourself like you will sell Steem if it goes over $3. This trader is arguing that this is a limited mindset because the price will probably end up being much higher than this or lower than this. You might get too emotional and not take any action when necessary or rush in and take too much action.

"Adding to a losing position is one of the best ways to end your trading career." ----The advice here is that if you bought a dud and you know you bought a dud, then why would you double down on it. Do your thorough research especially before adding to a position.

"The biggest winning trades normally have big volume driving them higher." ---- I've noticed this trend in crypto. A lot of projects that have been able to maintain their high trade volumes through the bear market seem to be the most likely to make a recovery if we hit another bull market. For example, Litecoin has maintained high volume in this bear market of about $300 million+ and is now up about $8 this week after this recent bullish trend.

"Sentiment is always more negative on bottom retests than in the FIRST low. Watch out above if the retest is successful."

"Be aware of stocks that take "too long to go". early indication of demand drying up."----I bought into Achain a while ago, and I think it was a bad decision. Achain has continued to perform poorly and the trade volume has continued to decline. The trade volume for this coin was about $85 million at one point, and now it is at $141,000. If they don't make a big change in their company soon, then they might not make it out of this bear market. Correct me if you think I'm wrong here.

"The best traders are incredibly nimble. They can be bearish but still capable to taking longs without hesitation."

"Perma bears and perma bulls eventually get washed out of the market. You have to respect a strong bull market and you have to respect a mean bear market." ---- If you look at the history of crypto so far, everything tends to happen in trends. There is a huge bull run followed by a bear market a year later or so. I think this trend will repeat.

"Fighting the trend doesn't pay well. In general, trading with a trend, pays off much better."

"Be aware of trades that "fill easily". The best trades barely give you a 'good price'. "

"You will never buy the exact bottom and you'll never exact sell the exact top: Don't beat yourself up if "you left money on the table"

Let me know if you agree with what this anonymous trader has said or how I interpreted some of this information. These quotes aren't meant to be rules you should live by, but guidelines to help you make better trading decisions.

This appears to be the blogger:

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I like the quote on continued volume. Makes sense as something to keep an eye on to understand a particular market.
Good quotes overall.


Yeah, I agree. This recent bear market has wiped out a lot of these smaller projects. I would say if the trade volume is less than $100k for a coin in 24 hours, then you're taking on a huge risk in the current market. The exception to this rule is if the project is brand new or is being listed on new exchanges and you're getting plenty of updates. I think Steem is a good investment, I think it will surpass $1 in the next few months just my opinion, we'll see.

Well there is alot to learn from your in vestment quotes, but to me I believe the best part to become a successful trader is to learn how to control your emotions when it comes to taking a trade and also to know when to get in and get out of the market @the4thmusketeer


These aren't my quotes, but you make a good point here. It's so easy to buy at an all-time high it feels like it will take off, the harder part is believing in a good project when the price is low.

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Ok, I'm assuming whitelisted is a good thing right? Thanks, I'll check it out when I get a chance.

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I read and focused on the first quote about price, which is correct in my opinion that in all forms of trade the most important thing is the determination of price

use full post and really like it.