How different is Ethereum from Bitcoin?

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How different is Ethereum from Bitcoin?

In Ethereum, the block building time is 14-15 seconds while in Bitcoin this time is 10 minutes. The difference in speed of this process gives Ethereum a significant speed advantage. Processes on the Ethereum platform are almost instantaneous network-wide.

Ethereum offers a different economic model than Bitcoin; Bitcoin block awards are reduced by half every 4 years; Ethereum leaves the same number of ethers per year on the market. #ethereum #bitcoin #block chain

At Ethereum, different cost calculations are made depending on computational complexity, bandwidth usage and storage requirements. In Bitcoin, operations are considered equal. Bitcoin does not have this flexibility, although everything can be calculated if there is enough computer power and time in Ethereum.

The Ethereum platform supports the developers and the applications can be easily developed; Bitcoin encourages less change than Ethereum.

Bitcoin is a system based on a blockchain, block-chain system, which enables the digital delivery of valuable assets, and Bitcoin's cryptography is used on the Bitcoin network. Ethereum is a Blockchain based intelligent contract platform and has its own digital assets called ether.

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yes dude. I am so happy to be steemer. I love crypto currency affairs. Lets shake the world!

Sure seems to be a full court press against Ethereum in the main stream news. Wonder why?


Really? Can you give me a little bit information. How can be a court against a cryptocurrency?