Fast Drop in Cryptocurrencies Nowadays

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The value of Bitcoin, the world's most popular virtual currency, dropped about 15 percent in two days. According to the figures, the value of the virtual currency Bitcoin declined to 6,273 dollars today, while the daily loss was 6.2 percent.

Bitcoin, which declined by 9.1 percent yesterday, suffered a 14.8 percent depreciation in the last two days.

In addition, the value of Ethereum, one of the popular virtual currencies, declined by 211 percent yesterday to 7.2 percent today, after a 20 percent decline yesterday.

It was reported that American investment firm Goldman Sachs had suspended yesterday's plan to establish a new unit for crypto money transactions and that it was uncertain about the scope of regulation of virtual money.

The decision is interpreted by investors as having a medium-term decline in transaction volume and number of users in crypto parcels like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin increased in value by more than 300,000 in 2017, the golden year of life, and rose to 17,912 dollars on December 17, reaching the highest level of all time.

Bitcoin has lost 54.7 percent since the beginning of the year.!

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