The Real Purpose of Bit Coin

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

Why Bit Coin, You Ask Yourself?

   Four Reasons I'm a Cryptocurrency Supporter

   1. Banks Are Not Are Friends-

   I'm not a fan of paying 30.00 to send a bank wire and watch banks take their sweet time in delivering it.  I've had banks charge me for overdrafts where I'd prefer to hold bit coin somewhere and deal with money there.  Does everyone realize a bank is capable of giving you a 35.00 overdraft fee for a five dollar purchase.  What in the flying heck!  Profanity censored.  Maybe it would be possible to hold our bit coin somewhere one day and they pay us interest and don't ever think of charging us overdraft fees.  You can imagine why I hope banks get their day of reckoning.

   2. Anti Inflation-

   It sure is disappointing to see governments mismanage money and hurt the people they represent.  I've written quite a bit about inflation.  See below:

3. Payment Processors-

   I'm sure some people would vomit if they knew some of the crap processors pulled.  Feel free to browse the post below:

4. Be There First

   As a holder of cryptocurrency, I'd like the benefit of seeing it hit a more mainstream adoption.  I'd like to say I was there first and of course reap the profits.  I had the good sense of understanding how valuable it is and did my part in furthering it.

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Inflation suck and hope we could reach mainsteam adoption by 2019.


mainstream adoption 2019 pretty hefty goal :)

With only 21 million ever to be made and many lost forever, having this type of asset as a store of value will be a great idea as well. Can’t take gold and silver everywhere you go but you can bitcoin.


Well said

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All good points!


Indeed! Thanks for commenting :)

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I completely agree with the points you made.