Whats Up Today ? [05/07/2018]

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Our (almost) weekly series where you can shill your coins in comments.
Lets check markets first though.

Up on Top100 Caps

Nice coins here most trading on Binance but we also have SMART which is a masternode coin and rocks HitBTC volumes.

Smaller Caps

From those most i dont know so i assume not worth checking. Effect and Switcheo are on NEO and pretty nice tokens i also know DomRaider since they worked with WINGS platform - https://wings.ai and i have some MTH.

Top 24h Vol Exchange

Binance wins and notice how EOS, ETH, BNB and TRX drive the volume. So its obvious to watch those, mostly for spikes in price despite a lot of EOS shorts on BitMEX now.

And what are you buying or selling now and why?

Write in comments!

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Been a good couple days, I ended gambling in a AMB node just for kicks. See how that goes.


Callisto Network will be listed on HitBTC. Nice seeing it going up. Wish I had sold at 600-700 satoshis then bought back under 400 though. You snooze, you lose.


Zilliqa (ZIL) is up 18.30% on the day as of now and 40% on the week. I dont believe anything is truely an ETH killer. However, I do belive Zilliqa will be a strong contender to end up being a larger public chain. Super bullish on ETH long term. Thanks for the post! Hope everyone's having a grerat day!

Been a good couple days, I ended gambling in a AMB node just for kicks. See how that goes.

Market is recovering...good

Shill some coins? Yes NEO is awesome for what it is, it is undervalued compared to Ethereum, Bitcoin or Ripple. I've been buying NEO and XLM.
Also recently wrote a post about OMG here it's a great coin that could really help ether solve it's scaling issues. I don't own any OmiseGO but am watching it closely for an entry point.

We are seeing good time again for Bitcoin. Dream is coming true. Google luck to all.

Bitcoin price motoring. And I can see most altcoin is rising too. Hopefully market will be stable on top from now on. Maybe we can see bitcoin 7-8 k by this month.

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This work is great. Nice presentation

@kingscrown great it happens for next 20 times then i came to my cost

Thank you very much Kingscrown,keep on making steem intresting.

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