Trade Tezos the New Hot Thing that raised 232 millions USD.

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

Tezos raised 232 millions worth of BTC before split to BCH (and other airdrops) and before bull run on BTC to 20k USD. Its expected that they maybe got even 400-500 millions USD for the project.

Just few days ago it launched on betanet as since its a new technology exchanges need time to add it. Yet you can already trade it in few ways.


This exchange has full support for betanet you can deposit and withdrawal coins. This is the only real place to trade this now. It has plenty of cool coins too, highly suggested for you to REGISTER NOW.


As usual they run it but its IOU - so you can only buy and sell on the exchange, its not really supported so cant deposit or withdrawal. Yes this is the place with

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I'd say way too much negative PR at this point, will be difficult to recover fully. Had a promising start and ended up quite rocky! Have a great day all, peace!


Haha. hopefully the people funding these shitcoins will learn soon.

You mentioned that it was airdropped. Was it initially an ICO or was it airdropped on token holders? If airdropped, which chain?