Will Bitcoin Survive In A Stock Or Dollar CRASH? - Trace Mayer On Bitcoin's Potential

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will bitcoin survive in a stock or dollar crash trace mayer thumbnail.png

In this video, I talk with Trace Mayer, a well known successful investor and supporter of Bitcoin about the potential of Bitcoin in a crash.

First, Trace goes into exact price predictions and why they're not efficient, but also explains his success in predicting Bitcoin's price long term, pointing out the Mayer Multiple system which puts Bitcoin currently at 0.8 times, giving room for profit either way.

Trace also goes into the idea of ETFs on Bitcoin and whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Finally, considering the potential inversion of the yield curve, massive bubbles in markets across the board, vast fractional reserve lending, debt and constantly hiked interest rates, Trace explains how Bitcoin will survive in a crash, and not just survive but prosper as a decentralized currency.

See the FULL video interview here:

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Thanks Josh, great interview bro!
Love what our buddy Trace said at 14:14 minute mark. So, so true.

Massive Wealth Transfer will happen, own BTC now.

The price movement is shaking out the weak hands. Next week I'll be putting out content on how to find investments that are in oversold conditions. Give me a follow to see!

BTC will always be there and no matter the number of crashes. Its completely unregulated and we can see more price hike in future. Thanks mate for the post @joshsigurdson

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I would certainly hope it would thrive during a crash, seeing as the entire point of cryptocurrency is to sidestep the corruption that would cause such a crash in the first place.

Have we hit the bottom yet?

Uhhhhh, I don't really care... but...

Best response. Price action doesn't matter. Fundamental long-term investment is key.

Better have the basics to hold on to it , because this isn’t going to be pretty . Any of you sock puppets out there that think this is going to happen like picking up an order at your local burger 🍔 drive through , better fasten your seat belts , because your going for a ride .

I grew up on Trace’s podcast - if you’re new to crypto or just want to make sure you cover ALL the bases, listen to every episode from the start, even starting from the RuntoGold era. It will bring you to total understanding, safety, monetary sovereignty and a high respect for your money.

Great interview, Josh!

Best interview understanding where we are in this cycle. Trace definitely sees the bigger picture. Great job!
Hey Josh, come over and post on TRYBE also, http://trybe.one/ref/6089/

Thank you for this very interesting interview!