A list of all Bitcoin forks and a simple way to check an address for any coins

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

I recently stumbled upon this free and simple tool to check a bitcoin address to see if it has any other coins from the various forks on it


I'm not affiliated with this site in any way, I just think it's a great resource worth sharing. These are the forks it will check for you..

CurrencyFork DateBlock #1 BTC=
BCH Bitcoin CashAug. 1, 20174785591 BCH
BCL Bitcoin ClashicAug. 1, 20174785591 BCL
BTG Bitcoin GoldOct. 24, 20174914071 BTG
BTX BitcoreNov. 2, 20174928200.5 BTX
BCD Bitcoin DiamondNov. 24, 201749586610 BCD
BTH Bitcoin HotDec. 12, 2017498848100 BTH
BCX BitcoinXDec. 12, 201749888810000 BCX
SBTC Super BitcoinDec. 12, 20174988881 SBTC
BTP Bitcoin PayDec. 15, 201749934510 BTP
BTW Bitcoin WorldDec. 17, 201749977710000 BTW
BICC Bitclassic CoinDec. 18, 20174998881 BICC
LBTC Lightning BitcoinDec. 18, 20174999991 LBTC
BTF Bitcoin FaithDec. 18, 20175000001 BTF
BEC Bitcoin EcoDec. 18, 201750000010000 BEC
BTN Bitcoin NewDec. 25, 20175010001 BTN
BTT Bitcoin TopDec. 26, 20175011181 BTT
BIFI BitcoinFileDec. 27, 20175012251000 BIFI
GOD Bitcoin GodDec. 27, 20175012251 GOD
FBTC Fast BitcoinDec. 27, 20175012251 FBTC
BCP Bitcoin Cash PlusDec. 28, 20175014071 BCP
B2X Segwit2XDec. 28, 20175014511 B2X
BPA Bitcoin PizzaDec. 31, 20175018881 BPA
WBTC World BitcoinJan. 12, 2018503888100 WBTC
BTV BitvoteJan. 19, 20185050501 BTV
BCS Bitcoin SmartJan. 19, 2018505050100 BCS
BCI Bitcoin InterestJan. 20, 20185050831 BCI
BCA Bitcoin AtomJan. 25, 20185058881 BCA
BTSQ Bitcoin CommunityJan. 25, 201850606610000 BTSQ
BBC Big BitcoinFeb. 16, 201850888810 BBC
BTCP Bitcoin PrivateFeb. 28, 20185113461 BTCP
CBTC ClassicBitcoinApril 1, 20185160951 CBTC
BCL bitcoinCleanApril 18, 20185188001 BCL
BVX Bitcoin LvxMay 4, 20185211731 BVX
MBC Micro BitcoinMay 29, 201852500010000 MBC
ANON ANONSept. 11, 20185408701 ANON

If you have other coins on the address you get a result like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 1.18.18 PM.png

Pretty cool right?

I used http://bitref.com to check each address for BTC (you could also use http://blockchain.info) and moved any BTC balances to a new address before using the private key to redeem a different currency. It's also a good idea to cross reference the results.

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Cheers and have a great day!


Other useful links:
My favourite crypto project: http://espers.io

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Its too late for most coins but if people have a large amount of bitcoin it would be good to try to squeeze out all of their fork money.

Cool!! Thanks for sharing @dan-wilson. I didn't know that I can check my btc address.

Awesome! I'll sure check on this.


Thanks Alex

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