Betgames a new venture, We need everyone’s support

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Hi Steemians,

We are happy to see so many positive comments and we have already reached 500+ followers from young and energetic steemians who want to support each other , learn, develop and see each other grow with success!

Our current bet is going strong neck to neck with 19 bets so far , 10 bets made on Australia and 9 bets made on England!

We are looking for delegators who are willing to offer their SP , in turn we will offer $2 SBD per 30 days for every 100 SP delegated to @betgames

We also hope all the whales support us in our new initiatives which is liked by many minnows on the platform!

After Game 1 end on June 13 we will be posting bets on FIFA World Cup games!


We will have a detailed post coming up post Game 1 for the next bet!

We look forward to working with everyone and see this platform grow and help every minnow out there to become a whale one day!

Thank you all for supporting us ,
Together we will make a better steemit betting platform where no one loses!

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You are doing an amazing job there is no loss for us only profit and who is a huge fan of cricket can earn many sbd from it and now you are saying that we will bet on fifa world cup so this is really excited and amazing thank you for doing this amazing job... :D


Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to us!


I hope Australia wins :D Bcus I bet on Australia.

But if doesn't it's OK as I will still get my 1 SBD back from upvotes :=)

Best gambling ever.



Thank you! We are excited as well!


Hoping to win big in the forthcoming World Cup Game


Either you win or you get your money back via upvotes from us! FIFA will be fun!


This is really a good idea and hope it really works. Tried to you out for 1 bet. Don't have 100 SP yet but when I do I will have to take at look at that ROI on 2 SBD a month.


Thank you @stever82 ,

Checkout current participant list: here

Checkout our discord group to be in touch with us: