What It Takes to Work as an AI Engineer: Unravel AI Job Roles

Demand for jobs in the AI field skyrockets as LinkedIn Report 2020 projected artificial intelligence specialists to be its number one emerging job with a 74 percent annual growth rate within the past four years.

The report puts AI job roles such as AI specialists and AI engineers in the limelight while it outpaced robotics engineer by 40 percent during the same duration, data scientists by 37 percent, full-stack engineer by 35 percent, and site reliability engineer by 34 percent.
For LinkedIn to conclude meticulously, they had to crunch data from all its available public profiles from the past five years.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Even so, the AI field comes with rather high expectations from candidates. Large organizations and employers are strictly looking for highly skilled AI professionals in deep learning, machine learning, natural processing language (NLP), TensorFlow, and programming languages such as Python. These skills would rather take some time for professionals to master. In short, individuals with a solid background in mathematics and programming will be highly preferred.

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