While the world was on a wild goose chase of, if Quantum computing will see the light of the day; Google in partnership with NASA, demonstrated to the world huge potential of Quantum computing. It showcased the ability of a quantum computer (still very much aborning) to compute within seconds: something that even the most advanced supercomputer would have taken years.

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Data is being generated in quintillions today, and it’s growing. Industries need not only 10X AI experts, but also highly advanced technologies to reap true benefits of this data gold mine. Quantum Computing is hope.

Quantum computing, is the only technology that we know of today, that can most fundamentally change the parameters of what is computable and what is not – reshaping foundations of chemistry, biology, astronomy, material science, medicine, and agriculture.

In fact, there is a debate underway that Quantum Computing could possibly be the next to replace AI. Here we explore, what is quantum computing, and its potential to revolutionize industries.

Why Quantum Computing?

We are at the limits of our processing powers, even though the data keeps growing by gazillion speed. Also, while each of our days constitutes the benefits of classical computing, there are still certain challenges that our present technology cannot solve.

To solve problems of sizes and complexity beyond a certain point, traditional systems don’t have the power to tackle them. Even the best of AI Engineers believe that quantum computing is how the actual benefits of many new-age technologies and developments – think big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others – can be realized and optimized.

Quantum computing is how our tech world stands a chance to solve these problems and truly harness new age challenges. Quantum computers can tap directly into the fabric of reality at unprecedented speed.

The idea is still underway…

Who will be the first to launch a viable quantum computer that can be used by industries to process data, is a question or competition that is still underway. There is a race going on among big industry leaders.

AI Experts and other researches point that by 2030, the world can expect to see quantum computers outpace classical computers.

Going into 2015, quantum computing had the world invested in it with over USD 1.75 billion (reported The Economist). Countries around the globe have their millions invested in quantum computing research.

The patents related to quantum computing were the highest with the US (295), followed by Canada (79) and Japan (78), and countries like Great Britain and China following behind (Thomson Innovation in 2018).

Smaller than fairy flies

Since Moore’s law predicted in 1965 that the number of transistors will double every two years, currently we are at a stage where our transistors are as small as they could get with existing technologies. Quantum computing will bring in smaller and faster computing abilities.

“Quantum” is the minimum of any physical thing you can imagine – imagine fairy flies, which are 400 times smaller than an ant – and then make it smaller.

A classical computer uses bits to store information in binary format (0 or 1), quantum computing utilizes quantum bits or qubits that make a superposition of values of 0 and 1 possible.

The precision and flexibility offered by quantum computing lend the scope for more accurate algorithms.

Confluence of Quantum Computing & AI

Quantum computing can make AI and machine learning stronger. Though, not anytime soon. Quantum computing in machine learning can lend AI improved efficiency to solve complex problems and perform tasks in more human-like ways. Say, humanoids making optimized decisions in real-time.

This vision requires AI engineers to learn, understand and work on quantum computers’ ability to advance pattern recognition, machine translation, and much more. Some of the tech giants of the likes of Google, Intel, Alibaba, IBM, Microsoft, are already exploring quantum computing for their respective purposes.

Though still a young and unproven aspect in the industry, in the long run, Quantum AI can change industries – from healthcare to agriculture – as did AI.


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